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Best Foods to Eat in Prague



Best Foods to Eat in Prague

Best Foods to Eat in Prague

Czech Republic has a good food culture and and tourists can eat the best food in Prague which is the country’s capital city. Prague is known for its beautiful and mesmerizing architecture, but there is more to the city than just the charming buildings, one of which is the delicious and varied cuisine. The hearty taste of Prague cuisine is evident in meals such as potato soup (Bramboračka), traditional sauerkraut, fruit pudding as well as apple strudel. This city has many sweet, salty and spicy foods that you would you want. In Prague, you will definitely find some local food that you like.




Travel Guide Czech Republic - Trdelník A Slovak Dessert Originated in Transylvania

This dessert is a traditional Slovak rolled dessert that originated in the Hungarian-speaking regions of Transylvania. “Trdelník” is usually served hot and comes with with sugar coating, nuts or cinnamon. This delicious dish is prepared by wrapping the pastry dough around a wooden or metal bar, roasting it on a direct flame and covering it with sugar or cinnamon. Watching the preparation of this sweet is captivating. Trdelník is a popular street food in Prague that can be easily found in street stalls. This snack is your best choice for cold winter days.


Obložené chlebíčky

Best Food in Prague - Obložené chlebíčky Sandwiches For Breakfast & Lunch

Chlebíčky is an open-air sandwich served for breakfast and lunch. This bread is a quick and filling meal and it is suitable for people on the go. Also, this meal is usually served at parties and social gatherings. Locals use a variety of combinations of eggs, ham, salami, pickles and cucumbers to prepare these snacks. If you crave a sandwich during your trip, stop in front of any deli or bakery and taste this delicious food in Prague.


Smažený Sýr

Best Food in Prague - Smažený Sýr A Meal For Cheese Lovers With French Fries

Smažený Sýr is the meal for cheese lovers. A serving of Smažený Sýr consists of a fully fried cheese dish served with fried potatoes, a salad that will take you straight to the cheese paradise. Street vendors throughout Prague sell this cheesy goodness.


Grilované Klobásy

Best Food in Prague - Grilované Klobásy Hearty & Filling Grilled Sausages

If you are looking for a hearty and filling food in Pague, try a grilled sausage (Grilované Klobásy) with a variety of delicious sauces. These sausages taste very good on their own or with some condiments.



Best Food in Prague - Guláš Comes With Boiled Meat And Bread Pudding

The food may be Hungarian in origin, but it has adapted to Czech cuisine and has become a staple of the country. Unlike the Hungarian goulash, Guláš is made in the Czech Republic with fewer vegetables and larger pieces of meat. In most cases, you get beef and other times locals put chicken to prepare this food. In the preparation of Guláš, boiled meat is served along with broth with bread pudding.



Knedlíky - Travel Guide Czech Republic

Knedlíky is a traditional food in Prague and Czech Republic. This dish is a pudding served with a meat dish or something that is often the main dish (such as Guláš). This mixed dish is best used as a dessert, especially when filled with sweet fruits or jams.


Vepřo knedlo zelo

Best Food in Prague - Vepřo Knedlo Zelo Most Nutritious And High-Fiber Meal

Grilled meat, bread pudding and roasted cabbage are the ingredients that make this delicious dish. Most Czechs crave meat that comes with puddings, and Vepřo knedlo zelo is the most nutritious and high-fiber option available especially in winter time.



Travel Guide Czech Republic - Palačinky Similar to French Crepes With Cream And Jam

When people in Prague think about food in Prague, Palačinky is almost always the first choice. This thin pancake is made in the Czech Republic and looks like French crepes. Of course, these crepes are prepared with a different cooking method and shape than the French ones. The pancake is usually wrapped in a ring and filled with things like jam, fruit, cream or nuts.

As a budget minded tourists it is worth checking out the top cheap restaurants in Prague. These food spots have a lot of tasty food to offer that will not break the bank. Also, you get to taste the heart and soul of Czech Republic cuisine as well.

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