Iran is a vast country with an astonishing variety of culture, arts, cuisine and especially handicrafts. Traveling to every part of Iran gives you different experiences. The northern provinces of Iran are very different from the south, the western regions of the country are very different from the east. What you see is a multi-culture country. Every region of Iran has many natural and cultural attractions to offer. However, if you are planning to travel to the southern cities of Iran and the Persian Gulf, getting acquainted with the craft in this area would be a great idea. Here is a list of what the local artists in the southern cities of Iran offer in the form of crafts, each of these handmade arts can easily amaze you in a good way.


The art of knitting palm tree yarn in Hormuz

Handicrafts in the southern cities of Iran

When renting a villa and suite on the island of Hormuz, keep in mind that one of the pleasures of traveling to Hormuz is to see locals get advantage of whatever nature provides them, especially parts of palm trees that maybe at first glance seem to useless to all of us. A very old art in the city of Hormuz waves yarn made of palm tree fibers, which results in the production of items such as shoes, baskets, and even egg storage boxes.


Baskets made of palm leaves in Ahvaz

Crafts in the southern cities of Iran on the trip

Weaving the leaves of palm trees that grow on the banks of rivers in tropical regions are used in the art of basket construction. These unique baskets are usually decorated with geometric shapes created by colorful yarns. These baskets are usually used to hold bread or sewing utensils. Usually a round cloth is woven on top of the basket to make it easier to open.


Handmade decorative embroidery in Qeshm

Handicrafts in the southern cities of Iran

If you want to see the best examples of handicrafts in southern Iran, visit some of the local markets in Qeshm Island that sell embroidered fabrics. Amazing ornaments on fabric made from white, silver or gold yarns that come in complex forms of plants. These fabrics are used to decorate traditional women’s clothing, cushions, wall hangings and even backpacks. “Golabaton” is an art embroidered mainly in the conquest of local women in southern Iran and plays an important role in the economics of Qeshm-based families. These crafts are also a popular pastime for young girls.


Mat weaving in Bandar Bushehr

Crafts in the southern cities of Iran on the trip

Walking through souvenir shops in Bushehr and its handicraft markets means walking down a large street to experience the history and culture of the area. Visit the mat weaving market and get acquainted with the ancient art of southern Iran. It is made from the leaves of palm trees. The mat weaving is the most famous handicraft in southern Iran, is mostly made by local girls and women in Bushehr province. Not only is it used as a mattress for sleeping, it is also used for making baskets, dishes, and decorative items.


Pottery in Kish Island

Handicrafts in the southern cities of Iran

The most unique type of Iranian pottery is called “Jahle”, a type of pitcher that is used to keep water cool in the hot air of southern cities. Interestingly, these pitchers have not changed since ancient times, so you can step into the markets of Kish to see and buy a wide range of pottery on the island.

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