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Adventure in Museums of Boston



Adventure in Museums of Boston

Best Museums of Boston

Boston is one of the largest cities in the United States and the largest city in the state of Massachusetts. Museums of Boston are some of the best places you should visit since there are many of them here. This city was founded in 1630 by immigrants and is the epicenter of the American Revolution. The rich history of this city, with its beautiful architecture, the existence of prestigious universities such as Harvard, prominent sports teams, and very attractive museums, attracts many tourists every year. In fact, if you are interested in a classic city in America, Boston is one of the best possible travel choices.


Museum of Fine Arts at 465 Huntington Avenue

Adventure in Museums of Boston - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Opened to The General Public in Year 1876

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston has its initial funding in 1870. This place is in the historic homelands of the Massachusetts people, which for a long time was a place of meeting and exchange among different nations. This museum opened to the general public in the year 1876. You can find the Museum of Fine Arts on Huntington Avenue, which is home to 500,000 works of art. In recent years, has become one of the most comprehensive art museums in the world. When you visit here, you can experience artworks from the ancient Egyptian era to modern contemporary ones.


Boston Children’s Museum at Congress Street

Adventure in Museums of Boston - Boston Children's Museum is the Second Oldest Museum For Children in The World

Boston Children’s Museum is the second oldest museum of its type in the world. Also, it is one of the most influential children’s museums of Boston too. This museum was founded in 1913 by the Science Teachers’ Bureau to be a center for exchanging ideas to advance science teaching. Here, children will engage in joyful discovery and have an appreciation for this world, and develop some foundational skills. Moreover, Boston Children’s Museum exhibits focus mainly on environmental awareness, science, culture, health & fitness, as well as the arts.


Museum of Science inside Science Park

Museum of Science is One of Largest Science Centers Worldwide - What To Do in USA

The Museum of Science is one of the largest science centers worldwide. Also, it is one of New England’s most popular cultural institutions. The purpose of the Museum of Science is to lead the nationwide effort to popularize engineering education awareness and help individuals to reconnect with mathematics again.


Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum next to Evans Way Park

What To Do in USA - Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Has Interesting Collection of Sculptures

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is another one of the smaller museums of Boston. It is good to know that the construction of the Museum was mostly done in the year 1901. Also, there are an interesting collection of sculptures, paintings, manuscripts, rare books, and decorative arts available here.


The Institute of Contemporary Art at Harbor Shore

The Institute of Contemporary Art Offers Literature And Visual Arts - What To Do in USA

The Institute of Contemporary Art is a sister institution to New York’s The Museum of Modern Art. The artworks here consist of literature, visual arts as well as some performances. Throughout its operation, the ICA always supported new & upcoming artists and brought them to public attention. The General Admission cost is $15, and individuals under 18 can attend here free of charge.


Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum at Congress Street Bridge

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum - Adventure in Museums of Boston

At the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, you are able to participate in well-known events that shaped the path of American history. It is truly one of the most unique museums of Boston for outside tourists. These shows include interactive exhibits, live actors as well as boarding the full-scale replica 18th-century sailing vessels. The admission cost for adults here is $30.


USS Constitution Museum near Boston National Historical Park

Adventure in Museums of Boston - USS Constitution Museum Provides Stories of Old Ironsides

At USS Constitution Museum, the main purpose here is gathering, preserving, and analyzing the stories of “Old Ironsides. In fact, they seek to engage all individuals in the story of the Constitution to initiate a debate about the American experience, maritime culture, and the naval service. With a global audience, they strive to be the best museum possible based on scholarship and innovative ways of sharing the Constitution‘s stories.


Metropolitan Waterworks Museum near Chestnut Hill Reservoir

Metropolitan Waterworks Museum Has Steam-Powered Water Pumps - Adventure in Museums of Boston

The Waterworks Museum is another one of the museums of Boston. Furthermore, this place offers the unique stories of one of the country’s earliest metropolitan water supply systems through exhibits and educational programs on engineering, architecture, social history, public health, and access to drinking water. The main part of the Waterworks Museum is its steam engine collections. You will see three original coal-fired and steam-powered water pumps at this Museum. Also, there are monuments of 19th-century technology and innovation.

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