Top Tourist Attractions in Salzburg

Top Tourist Attractions in Salzburg

Best Tourist Attractions in Salzburg

In Austria, you can visit some of the top tourist attractions in Salzburg. The beautiful and spectacular city of Salzburg, with its stunning natural scenery and architectural buildings, brings many tourists over. Salzburg is the provincial capital of the same name and the gateway to Austria from the northwest. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and is highly admired for its beautiful scenery and stunning architecture. Also, Salzburg is famous as the birthplace of the renowned musician Mozart. Moreover, Salzburg’s romantic old quarter, with its narrow medieval streets and arched courtyards, tempts any visitor to explore.



Residenzplatz With a Baroque Fountain

Top Tourist Attractions in Salzburg - Residenzplatz Has a Beautiful Fountain Made by An Italian Sculptor

In the heart of Salzburg’s Old City, you can see the Residenzplatz. It is one of the largest squares and the best attractions in Salzburg. In the center of the square, you will find a stunning sculpture made in 1661 by an Italian sculptor. This statue is one of the largest and most beautiful Baroque fountains in the Alp s region. The fountain consists of the figures of horses and the Greek god Atlas carrying part of the structure. Here you can sit and relax in the cafés or shop in the boutiques of the surrounding streets. Also, you can find Salzburg Cathedral here. This square is always used for concerts, public New Year celebrations, and Christmas markets.


Fortress Hohensalzburg in the Old City

Top Tourist Attractions in Salzburg - Fortress Hohensalzburg A Beautiful Castle Built in 1077

Salzburg houses the beautiful fortifications of Hohensalzburg. You can take a 20-minute walk from the center of the Old City to this fortress. The castle was originally built in 1077, but most of what we see today belongs to the 1500s. Fortress Hohensalzburg tickets cost around € 17 for an all-inclusive experience per adult.


St Peter’s Abbey near Salzburg Cathedral

Top Tourist Attractions in Salzburg - St Peter's Abbey Built by St. Rupert And Has a Nice Architecture Design

On the west side of Salzburg’s main square is St Peter’s Abbey. This church was built by St. Rupert in 690. From that time until 1110, the archbishops resided here. Although the current building dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries, it is still a good testament to the architectural skills of the time.


Old Town Known as The Altstadt

Top Tourist Attractions in Salzburg - Old Town (The Altstadt) is Where to Find Old Courtyards And Galleries

The amazing streets and alleys leading to the houses of merchants from the 15th to the 18th century are spectacular attractions in Salzburg. Attractions you will find on your walking tour include beautiful old courtyards, numerous galleries, boutiques, artists’ workshops, and cafes. Also, you will find the former municipal building surrounded by medieval houses in the old quarter. While exploring the old neighborhood, the magic of the old days will slowly light up your soul.


Mozart’s Birthplace at 9 Getreidegasse

Top Tourist Attractions in Salzburg - Mozart's Birthplace Can be Found on Getreidegasse Street

Building No. 9 on Getreidegasse is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Here you will find interesting things like the rooms of the Mozart family that have become an exciting museum today. Monuments such as Mozart’s old violin, portraits of him, and pieces of writing can be seen in the museum. On the second floor, an exhibition famous as ‘Mozart in Opera’ depicts scenes of his countless successes.


Salzburg Residence in DomQuartier

What to Do in Austria - Salzburg Residence Accommodates Baroque and Neo-classical Banquet Halls

On the west side of Residence Square, you will find the palace of the same name. In fact, this place is one of the most beautiful attractions in Salzburg, located in DomQuartier. This building was built between 1596 and 1619 and has 3 large inner courtyards with a marble main door. Visiting palace tours include spectacular and beautiful decorations of Late Baroque and neo-classical banquet halls with stunning murals and ceilings.


Salzburg Cathedral at Domplatz

What to Do in Austria - Salzburg Cathedral Has Italian Design And Houses Sacred Religious Objects

This building is known for its Italian style and its role in Mozart’s baptism. The Cathedral Museum forms an important part of your visit with collections of sacred and religious objects. Furthermore, you can observe Salzburg amazing artwork, such as an eighth-century Carolingian cross, paintings, and Gothic sculptures. Salzburg Cathedral tickets cost around €5 per adult though children can visit for free.


Franciscan Monastery Known as Franziskanerkloster

What to Do in Austria - Franciscan monastery is A 13th Century Building With Romanesque Style

To the north of St. Peter’s Church, you can find one of the best religious attractions in Salzburg, the Franciscan Church or Franziskanerkloster. Inside the church, there is a historical corridor from the 13th century in the Romanesque style. All the architectural and historical decorations of this church will interest you.

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