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Restaurants in Zurich; A Swiss Experience

All of Zurich Best Restaurants

The delicious Swiss cuisine is mainly served in Zurich best restaurants mentioned here. Swiss cuisine made in these restaurants is simple due to the country’s agricultural history. The chefs here cook their dishes from delicious ingredients and various cream cheeses. Moreover, Zurich is a beautiful city in Switzerland located on the slopes of the Alps. Furthermore, this city was one of the oldest cities where a vegetarian restaurant was established, and today is a real paradise for vegetarians.


Lily’s for Good Asian Food

Lily's has Top-Notch Delivery Services & is Located at Langstrasse street - Travel Guide Switzerland

Lily’s is one of the most well-known Zurich best restaurants for their Asian food and larger menu items and their top-notch delivery services. Their portion is very filling, and their prices are quite reasonable too. Also, vegetarians and vegans have some options to choose from the menu here. Most of their dishes include Japanese, Thai & Indian dishes, which all taste great. You can find Lily’s store at Langstrasse Street, which you can get to by getting off at the Limmatplatz bus stop.


Bindella Best for Italian Cuisine

Bindella is a Family-Run Business - Zurich Best Restaurants For Swiss Travelers

For those who want to experience one of Zurich Best Restaurants for premium quality Italian wines and meals, then Bindella comes to mind. This is a family-run business, which started in 1909, where they brought wine from Italy and since then expanded their operation to offer fine Italian dishes on the side from many restaurants and locations in Zurich. Some of the famous menu items you can try here include spaghetti all’astice, liguine alla veneziana and filetto di manzo. Even though this family business has many restaurants in this city, Bindella is still a shining jewel amongst them which is very close to the Limmat River.


Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

Zurich Best Restaurants For Swiss Travelers - Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer is Similar to American Burger Joints

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer is one Zurich best restaurants for gourmet burgers. They got inspired by old American burger joints, however, with a modern twist. Their burgers are some of the most filling, reasonably priced ones you can get, which are above other fast food joints. Other than burgers, they are quite famous for their crazy shakes, which themselves can be considered a full meal. Make sure to try other items on the menu, like chicken tenders, chicken wings, hotdogs, and, finally, salads. In order to get into Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, you need to get off at Bahnhofstrasse/HB tram stop and walk down the Bahnhofstrasse street.


Co Chin Chin a Vietnamese Eatery

Zurich Best Restaurants For Swiss Travelers - Co Chin Chin is a High End Vietnamese Eatery

For tasting authentic Saigon food, visit Co Chin Chin. This is amongst Zurich best restaurants which is run by a lovely Vietnamese family in a very beautiful marbled setting and wooden floor. This is more like a high-end Vietnamese eatery, and their amazing plating is a good indication of that. Also, there is a nice bar selling fantastic cocktails and even high teas made by a professional barman. For those who are vegan and vegetarians, this is the prime location to eat since their vegetarian dishes are extremely flavorful. Röntgenstrasse bus stop is the nearest station which you can take to get to Co Chin Chin after taking Neugasse Road and then Gasometerstrasse Street.


Restaurant AKARAKA for Korean Cuisine

Restaurant AKARAKA Sells Korean Cuisine - Zurich Best Restaurants For Swiss Travelers

AKARAKA is amongst Zurich best restaurants to get quintessential Korean cuisine in this city. Other than normal Korean dishes, they also sell some fine-ding options, which come with starters, main dishes, and some Korean desserts. You can choose from the beef, chicken, and vegetarian offerings here. Their prices are medium to high; however, the flavors are more authentic and spicy enough to be considered Korean. If you feel like drinking some Korean liquor while listening to some soothing music, there is also a separate bar to satisfy your thirst here.


Shilla for Korean Barbecue

Shilla is Near Letzigrund station And Sells Korean Barbecue - Switzerland Travel Tips

Korean barbecue is perhaps the most popular way people in Korea eat food when they go outside for a meal. The experience consists of cuts of meat grilled over a very hot flat top over and then wrapped onto a lettuce leaf mixed with other ingredients. Shilla, other than offering Korean barbecue, has a variety of other Korean dishes like Bibimbab, Jukgejang, Jeyuk Rice, and the famous Kimchizige. You can reach here using tram numbers 2, 3, or 4 and then step off at Letzigrund station.


Hongxi Best for its Chinese Food

What To Do in Switzerland - Hongxi is a High-End Chinese Restaurant

Hongxi is a high-end Chinese restaurant with 2 branches in this city. The Hongxi is suitable for those that want to experience Chinese food for the first time and just want to get more familiar with Asian flavors in general. It is because the portions are small for the price, but you can still have a pleasant meal there. If you like Dim Sum, Then Hongxi is your go-to location. The branches are currently located on Zwinglistrasse 3 & Thurgauerstrasse 134 streets


Thach an Asian Fusion Restaurant

Travel Guide Switzerland - Thach Serves Amazing Asian Fusion Buffet Food

Thach is an amazing Asian fusion restaurant with a buffet-style dining experience. Their prices are very good, especially for curries, and the interior design makes the dinner or lunch experience ever more pleasant. Also, it is interesting to know that if you want to indulge in Indonesian-style satays and Butter chicken, this is the place to go making it one of Zurich best restaurants. The nearest bus stop to Thach restaurant is Kanonengasse, where bus numbers 31, 33, and N1 pass by there.


Flying Pizza near Nordstrasse Street

Zurich Best Restaurants For Swiss Travelers - Flying Pizza Has Italian Style Pizzas & Sandwiches

For over two decades, Flying Pizza has been serving mainly Italian-style pizzas and other delicious fast-food meals on the side. They are one of Zurich best restaurants for over-baked pizzas and sandwiches. Their meat-based pizzas are famous; however, their vegan pizza is even more popular among locals. It is good to know that their prices are neither cheap nor overly outrageous, and you can get a good deal during weekdays here with their offerings. Also, they serve wine & beer with their food as well.

There are two ways to get here. By bus, you need to get any of bus numbers 31, 33, or 46 and get off at the Bahnhof Wipkingen bus stop. With a train, make a change at Zürich Wipkingen station when you take S or S2 trains and then walk towards Nordstrasse Street.

Union Diner near Sihlbrücke

Union Diner is at Stauffacher & Bellevueplatz - Zurich Best Restaurants For Swiss Travelers

Union Diner has been around since 2008. This eatery now has a few branches throughout Switzerland, and they currently operate from two locations in Zurich. One is in Stauffacher, near the well-known old tram stop next to the Sihlbrücke (Sihl Bridge). And the other is near the lake and historic center on Bellevueplatz. What you get here are just simple, unpretentious, and delicious burgers where they freshly bake their buns regularly. Their burgers have reasonable prices, under CHF 30, and there are many vegetarian and vegan burgers as well.

Also, there are some other restaurants in Geneva that you can try if you have a longer stay in Switzerland. Geneva has even more international cuisine and fine dining due to its location and reputation.

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