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Best Bars in Dubai



Best Bars in Dubai

Best Bars in Dubai

Even though UAE is still a conservative place, there are a lot of night clubs Dubai provides to foreigners. Here are the best bars in Dubai that give you once in a life time experience. these are the places that you might come across famous or influential people very often.  Dubai is known for having some of the hottest nightlife in the world and is a prime party destination. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to party all night (or until 3am) and don’t forget to try Dubai’s most infamous cocktail, the Bullfrog. Here are some of the best bars and clubs in Dubai right now.



Barasti Beach

travel guide UAE - Barasti Beach Includes Classic Live Music And A Restaurant

Barasti Beach is truly one of the most famous bars in Dubai. This is the bar where rich and famous go. This is one of the most recommended nightlife places in Dubai. Barasti includes a beach bar, restaurant, classic live music, sports bar as well as shisha lounge. This is the bar to go to meet new people.


Cavalli Club

Night Clubs Dubai - Cavalli Club is An Italian Themed Bar Where Famous People Go

To explore the best night clubs Dubai has to offer, you really need to include Cavalli Club to that list. Cavalli is the club to go to if you want to impress and be impressed. It’s an Italian themed bar so you will be treated with good food and memorable experience.


Buddha Bar

Best Bars in Dubai - Buddha Bar is Located At The Top Floor of Grosvenor House

Buddha Bar is another one of famous bars in Dubai., this is the place for Asian food fine dining a swell as having magnificent selection of top notch cocktails. Since it is a high end place their drinks do not come in cheap. You are able to find Buddha bar at the top floor of Grosvenor House which is a luxurious hotel. The overall interior of this bar is in red and it also has a panoramic view too.


Antika Bar

Night Clubs Dubai - Antika Bar is A Classic Place Located At Al Fattan Currency House

Antika Bar is another one of night clubs Dubai visitors can go. The design of this bar is fantastic and resembles mixture of old style bars with very modern artworks. Tourists can locate the Antika bar along the Al Fattan Currency House.



travel guide UAE - McGettigan’s Hosts Comedy Nights And Movie Nights

McGettigan’s is part of famous night clubs Dubai provides its partygoers. In fact McGettigan’s is one a famous bars in Dubai that retained its old fashioned bar style with modern touches. This bar is a friendly place to hangout and watch your favorite football team. Also, McGettigan’s hosts comedy nights, movie nights as well as pub quizzes.

Since Dubai is still majority Muslim country, it is a must that you read some rules about your trip Dubai information and regulations. Make sure to get accustomed to the culture and Do’s as well as Don’ts when travel to this part of the world.

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