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Best Coffee Shops in Plano



Best Coffee Shops in Plano

Coffee Shops in Plano Downtown

Even though the city of Plano is quite small, it is very beautiful. As a results you will see many coffee shops in Plano downtown are popping up to accommodate newcomers and local residents’ love of coffee in this friendly town. For those that have not visited this city before, make sure to visit Oak Point Park to appreciate the natural beauty of this city in the great state of Texas.



1418 Coffeehouse For a Laid-Back Environment

1418 Coffeehouse is Suitable For a Laid-Back Environment - Coffee Shops in Plano Downtown

If you are looking for a laid-back and hipster-esque environment to have a cup of coffee, look no further than 1418 Coffeehouse. This café is one of Downtown coffee shops in Plano  . The sofas here are comfortable for long sitting sessions if you are planning to get your work done there. Also, they have a lot of coffee to offer but what draw people here are their bee knees and haze lattes.

As for the pastries, you can opt to get pies, muffins, croissants, parfaits, cookies and cinnamon rolls. The exact location of 1418 Coffeehouse is at 1418 k Avenue. To get here using public transport, get off at downtown train station or stop at “k at 15th” bus stop by taking any of bus 236 or 247.


Mudleaf Coffee a Good Place to Study

Coffee Shops in Plano Downtown - Mudleaf Coffee is a Perfect Place to Study

When it comes to selection the right place to study and chat, Mudleaf Coffee is definitely a top contender. Mudleaf Coffee is another one of Downtown coffee shops in Plano that offers quality coffee and pastries. The interior is very modern here and the couches are suitable for meetups and even small conferences. As for the prices, they are very fair even though they use quality beans for the coffees.

If you are a fan of lattes, you will love their milky and lavender lattes here. Also, have a few kolache cakes on the side as they are super delicious. You can find Mudleaf Coffee at the corner Independence Square shopping mall accessibly via bus 234.


Coffee del Rey for In-House Coffee Roasts

Coffee del Rey for In-House Coffee Roasts Sourced from Dominican Republic and South America

What makes Coffee del Rey to stand out from the rest is that they source their coffee beans directly from Eco-farms in Dominican Republic and South America. and then roast them in-house. Opened in 2013, Coffee del Rey has been able to serve quality coffee and hire passionate staff to communicate well with customers in the friendliest way possible. You can get your favorite artisanal brew at Coffee del Rey which is located in Chisholm Plaza shopping mall near Central Expressway and West Park Boulevard.


Black Rifle Coffee Company Run by Veterans

Black Rifle Coffee Company Run by Veterans and Patriots All Over Texas

Black Rifle Coffee Company has been expanding throughout the United States, especially in the state of Texas. Recently, they opened a store in Plano. As an organization run by veterans, they focus on patriotism and the love for the country. The atmosphere though is very friendly and all are welcome here. The good thing about Black Rifle Coffee Company is they operate from 5:30 in the morning all the way until 8pm. The location of Black Rifle Coffee Company is at 901 North Central Expressway.


Pax & Beneficia Coffee – Plano in Heritage Creekside

Pax and Benefice Coffee Meaning Peace and Act of Kindness in Latin Language

With the name of Pax and Benefice meaning peace and act of kindness in Latin language, you will surely experience these acts while having a coffee here. Found in Heritage Creekside, Pax & Beneficia Coffee is one of those coffee shops in Plano that is just perfect for those who are doing sightseeing of this city. This is because there are plenty of entertainment and shopping centers available nearby this café.

More importantly, they serve phenomenal coffee and toasts here. Also, this is a great spot for artists and younger people to share their ideas with like minded individuals. Moreover, Pax & Beneficia Coffee operated from other locations including Las Colinas, Downtown Fort Worth and Grapenvine.


Dubs Tea N’ Eats in Custers Park shopping center

Dubs Tea N' Eats for Cheap Coffee And Specially Southern Sweet Tea

One of coffee shops in Plano that is both cheap and is loved by locals is Dubs Tea N’ Eats located in Custers Park shopping center. Though they are heavily focused on providing many different flavors of iced tea, you can still get coffee and snacks here for very cheap. Their stuffed pretzels, cheesecakes and lemonade is what brings locals to their doors. There are also board games for those who want to spend a few hours relaxing there.

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