8 Unique Things to Do in Mongolia

8 Unique Things to Do in Mongolia

8 Unique Things to Do in Mongolia

Mongolia is a wonderful country and a special destination for travel, Therefore, as a tourist there are unique things to do in Mongolia for you in this country. Maybe through the Internet, you will not get a lot of information about Mongolia, however, don’t miss the chance to see the charm of that country. In this article we will look into somethings a tourist can do in Mongolia.


Visit the city of Ulaanbaatar

city of Ulaanbaatar

This city is the coldest capital in the world and you can get here by plane or by train passing from Russia to Beijing, China. Be sure to start your journey in Mongolia from the city of Ulaanbaatar. It is best to stay in known hotels in the city so that you can connect with people and their culture. Don’t forget that tourism in Mongolia is developing and you will surely still have trouble meeting your daily needs and connecting with people and even many agencies and hotels. Certainly finding a good translator should be one of your first priorities in Mongolia.


Explore attractions in Mongolia

Mongolia Historical Sights

Mongolia’s name is mixed with geography, horses, nomads and Genghis Khan. It is worth visiting the National Museum of Mongolia in the city of Ulaanbaatar and to take a stroll through the country’s illustrious history.


Live with the locals in nomadic tents

Mongolian nomadic tents

Inner Mongolia’s indigenous circular shape tent is still in use in many areas, even in the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar. Therefore, if you can’t live in a tent with native tribes, at least try sleeping in some of the tents used by tourists in some areas like Gorkhi-Terelj National Park or Gobi Desert.


Try camel riding in the Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert in Mongolia

The Gobi Desert of Mongolia must be part of your trip. No experience will be more calming than this place for you. In here you can stay in the small town of Dalanzadgad and try camel riding in the desert. It is advisable to buy domestic tours for desert trips, but most of them are not active in winter time.


Visit the monasteries

Buddhist monasteries in Mongolia

You can go anywhere in Mongolia and see Buddhist Temples all over the country. It is best to choose the Manjusri Monastery to visit located in south of Ulaanbaatar, in Bogd Khan Uul Biosphere Reserve. Also, remember to have an interpreter with you. Here you can experience the pleasure of hiking along with the tranquility of the monastery,  zen meditation and Buddhist rituals.


Try horse riding

 Horse Riding in Mongolia

You can have a guide with you for horse riding into Mongolian fields and it is best to rent a horse if you want to ride a few days and explore the pristine nature of Mongolia.


Drink some Airag

Airag Irig

Airag drink is from goat milk and it is traditionally fermented and produced locally. Also, it has a unique flavor that you will not be able to try elsewhere in the world. Don’t forget to bring the container of this traditional drink to the nomadic tents while you are sitting inside.


Go to festivals

Mongolian culture brings a lot of festivals to locals and tourists. The largest and most important of them, the world’s second-oldest Olympic game, is ‘Naadam’, which takes place in late July each year, with archery, horseback riding and wrestling as well as traditional dances and food competitions. Another extraordinary festival, happening in late September and early October, is the ‘Bayan-Ölgii Eagle’, which is derived from the culture of Kazakh immigrants with thousands of golden eagles giving you a great photo taking opportunity.

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