North part of Portugal is a small region, but you can still explore best tourist attractions in Portugal and see the top Portugal visiting places here. You can get to know the people and their cultures in this part of Europe. Moreover, you can explore the scenery, the sounds and the flavors of Northern Portugal and be mesmerized by it. Northern Portugal has a lot of tourist attractions such as mountains for mountaineering, historic cities, beaches for walking and great food to eat. In this article, we are going to explore the amazing attractions in Northern Portugal together.

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Lamego is An Old Baroque Village - Best Tourist Attractions in Northern Portugal

Lamego is an old Baroque village and one of Portugal visiting places in the Douro region. It is famous for its drinks among well known individuals. Also, Lamego has a very rich history. The first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques, established his kingdom in the twelfth century in this region. The king built the first church of the village as well. Other landmarks in the area include a 12th-century castle.

The inner city has a rocky water reservoir that dates back to the era when Arabs ruled here. Our Lady of Remedies Shelter is considered one of the top attractions in Lamego. The shelter is located on top of the city with its two bell towers.


Paiva Walkways (Passadiços do Paiva Trailhead)

Best Tourist Attractions in Northern Portugal - Paiva Walkways (Passadiços do Paiva Trailhead) is Good to See The Wildlife

If you want to experience the unique and pure nature of Northern Portugal, it is better to take a walk on the Paiva Walkways, which is also one of the best destinations in northern Portugal. Walking 8 miles on wooden stairs and suspension stairs will make you feel refreshed. You can walk among the lush vegetation, waterfalls and the clear waters of the rivers and you can even see the wildlife up close. This hiking trail is not just for curious people and everyone can try it and enjoy its beauty.


Praia da Costa Nova

Praia da Costa Nova is The Place to See Colorful Houses - Best Tourist Attractions in Northern Portugal

If you travel around the world, you will find a few places with such colorful houses. These beautiful colorful houses in Praia da Costa Nova are Very Unique Portugal visiting places. The houses built in this fishing village are decorated with colored tapes. Some tapes are used vertically and some horizontally. These unique houses were built by fishermen who lived in the area. People are now using these homes as holiday homes. In this area you can try many varieties of seafood.



Amarante is Near The Tamega River With Religious Buildings - Top Portugal Visiting Places

Most people associate the saints with strange deeds such as miracles, but in Amarante the saint built a bridge over the Tamega River in the twelfth century and became famous for it. Religious buildings include the beautiful church of St. Goncalust, which has an attractive appearance in the sunlight.


Viana do Castelo

Europe Travel Guide - Viana do Castelo is A Historical City Built During The 16th Century

It is good to know that Viana do Castelo is a historical city and one of the the best Portugal visiting places. Most of the city’s buildings were built during the 16th century. The scenery and landscapes you can find in the city include the Renaissance fountain in Praça da Republica, the Geraz do Lima Museum, the 15th-century Romanesque Cathedral, and the 16th-century church. When you travel to this area, you can relax by the beach as well.


Peneda-Gerês National Park

Top Portugal Visiting Places - Peneda-Gerês National Park is The Only Developed National Park in The Country

This national park is located in the mountains of Northern Portugal and it is the only developed national park in the country. The park was built in 1971 to protect the environment and since then its resources have been expanded. Also, there is an old Roman road passes through this park. Government officials and officials patrolling the park have restricted tourist visits, but people traveling to the area can find a few areas to explore. You can see the religious temples near the main road here.



Top Portugal Visiting Places - Braga is One of The Most Religious Cities in Portugal

Braga is one of the most religious cities in Portugal. Moreover, Braga is Portugal’s third largest city providing tourists many churches and monuments to visit. Try to explore the beautiful and eye-catching views of this city, such as the Baroque Sanctuário do Bom Jesus do Monte. Braga attracts many visitors from all over northern Portugal.



Top Portugal Visiting Places - Guimaraes is Famous As The Birthplace of Portugal

When you travel to this area, you can follow the beginning of the story of Portugal here very well. This area is called the birthplace of Portugal. In this area you can see Gothic buildings, medieval centers with narrow cobbled streets, beautiful squares with cafes and restaurants. Among the attractions that can be seen in this area are the ruins of an old castle. You can visit Penha Park and enjoy the panoramic view as well.


Douro Valley

Douro Valley is Like A Natural Postcard - Best Tourist Attractions in Northern Portugal

This valley is like a natural and beautiful postcard. Its beautiful scenery is just one reason to travel to these Portugal visiting places and enjoy the Douro Valley. You can see the Douro River flowing through the existing green space. Also, there is a beautiful village here. Don’t miss out on visiting this village when you travel to this area. The valley is famous for its beverages. Therefore, don’t forget to drink when you travel to this area.



Porto is The Second Largest City in Portugal - Top Portugal Visiting Places

After Lisbon, Porto is the second largest city in Portugal. The city has become a top travel destination in Western Europe. Porto has narrow streets in the old town of Ribeira. Try using a guide tour to explore all of its areas. If like to see past history of the city, you can find numerous baroque buildings and structures in the old town. For example, you can see the statue of King Pedro IV in Praça da Liberdade.