Top Souvenirs from Malaysia

Top Souvenirs from Malaysia

Unique Souvenirs from Malaysia

There are many exciting souvenirs from Malaysia and every city has its own original and cultural gifts to offer. However, here are the Malaysian souvenirs you can grab when you visit Kuala Lumpur, as the markets here source what other regions have to offer and present them to foreign travelers. Most of these gifts are inexpensive and you can shop around to have them exactly as you want them, like traditional clothing and fabrics.



Malaysian White Coffee

Malaysian White Coffee from Ipoh - Delicious Souvenirs from Malaysia

Surprisingly, Malaysian coffee is served regularly regardless of the time of the day. Ipoh coffee is mainly consumed in the morning, together with kaya (jam) toasts. Malaysian coffee or Kopi, uses locally grown Robusta and Arabica beans with distinct woody tastes. If you try the Kopi, especially the white one, you will notice that the flavor is quite different and, in some ways, milder than other coffees in the West.

The Ipoh white coffee, in powder form, is one of the best souvenirs from Malaysia because it is both cheap and its flavor can bring back memories of your time in Malaysia. There is no specific shop to buy these coffee packs as everywhere sells them, but if you are on a low budget, try Daiso or ringgit shops as they are similar to Dollar stores with a significant variety of local coffee flavors on the cheap.


Sweet Kaya Jam Spread for Toasts

Sweet Kaya Jam Spread Made for Toasts and Come in Pandan Variation Too

You might have encountered kaya jams while browsing Singapore gifts shops, but Kaya is part of Southeast Asian culture and you will see it in Malaysia, too. Kaya is basically coconut milk, sugar, and eggs, all mixed into a spread. Don’t worry about the egg part, as you will not even taste any egg in it, as the coconut flavor is the prominent flavor.

Pandan Kaya variations are also available, which are green in color and have distinct flavors. But if you have been to Malaysia, the coconut Kaya and Kopi are what you will have in the morning. The Kaya jam is another one of the great Malaysian souvenirs as it is both easy to carry and is accessible to every shopping mall or local market you go to.


Dodol Sweets and Jelly

Dodol Sweets and Jelly Made with Coconut Milk and Palm Sugar and it is Cheap

Another sweet that coconut milk is the main ingredient is the Dodol candy/jelly. This sweet is made out of coconut milk, palm or cane sugar, and glutenous rice flour, giving it a chewy texture as well as a caramel-like look. Dodol sweet came from Indonesian settlers to Malaysia and the way of making it has mostly stayed the same for centuries. These little sweets will make great souvenirs from Malaysia and can easily be found in the Central Market in Kl city center, but if you are visiting attractions in Malacca, you can comfortably get them in this part of Malaysia along with Jaggery and palm sugar bits.


Songket & Batik Fabrics

Luxury Malaysian Souvenirs - Songket & Batik Fabrics Made for Common and Royalty People

From the Ancient Buddhist empire in South Sumatra in Indonesia to Modern-day Malay clothing, Songket handwoven fabric has played a big part in Indonesian and Malay culture, making traditional wear more exceptional. If you look at the Malaysian Royalty pictures, you will see this Songkat clothing that is made of handwoven silks with simmering effects because of silver or gold threads in their patterns. These clothes are available in both Sarawak and the Malay Peninsula.

Another one of the souvenirs from Malaysia famous for creating Sarong clothing is Terengganu Batiks, which come with colorful hand-drawn or stamped floral and geometrical motifs that are equally beautiful. These are Javanese in origin, made from linen, silk and cotton, and come in numerous colors and patterns.

The best place to buy traditional Songket and Batik clothing would be around Jalan Masjid India near Masjid Jamek station. You can buy them off the rack or have them tailor-made just for you, which is definitely better.


Royal Selangor Pewter Products

Royal Selangor Pewter Products and Kitchenware made by Hand - Unique Souvenirs from Malaysia

Pewter Products are one of the most unique souvenirs from Malaysia. These handmade pewter products will last a lifetime and come in various shapes and sizes. You can even see pens, cutlery and plates made out of pewter here. All the kitchenware here is safe to be used as daily amenities. Royal Selangor is the official spot to get these products with a warranty. To get to the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre, you can quickly get a taxi and ask it to get you there or stop at Sri Rampai station, find Jalan 2/27a and continue walking until you see the Royal Selangor Entrance.

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