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Best Cafes in Oakland California

Best Cafes in Oakland California

Top Cafes in Oakland for Work and Meetings

The city of Oakland has a strong coffee culture, and some of the best cafes in Oakland are located in the Downtown area, with a great selection of coffee, sandwiches, and pastries. Most coffee shops in Oakland Ca use single-origin coffee beans from South America, but some roasteries have beans sourced from Africa and Asia as well. Such cafes in Oakland for buying packaged beans are mentioned here as well.


The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room on Broadway

The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room is Located on Broadway Street in Center of The City

First on the list of cafes in Oakland is the Royal Coffee Lab located on Broadway in the Northgate-Waverly neighborhood. This coffee testing company started as a family-owned small business in 1978, providing small batches of coffee beans to smaller buyers. Over the years, they have grown to the point of bringing coffee beans from all over the world from over thirty countries. Their coffee beans menu includes 22 pounds and 50 pounds of high-quality bean packages at excellent prices. There is also a testing spot inside with knowledgeable baristas to explain different coffees and their strengths to customers.


Blue Bottle Coffee with Upscale Coffee at Old Oakland

Blue Bottle Coffee for Premium coffee - At Old Oakland, W. C. Morse Building, and the Piedmont

Known for their magnificent interior designs, Blue Bottle Coffee shops are upscale coffee shops in Oakland Ca with other branches across other states as they are franchise coffee houses. Three branches in Oakland are located at Old Oakland, W. C. Morse Building, and the Piedmont area. The menu here includes the usual items like flat white, cappuccino, and espresso, with some unique instant coffee and packaged beans you can buy and bring home. These chains of cafes are more suited for those who do not want to work and study as they are designed for those who appreciate regular in-person meetings.


Tierra Mia Coffee in 2001 Broadway in Uptown District

Tierra Mia Coffee in 2001 Broadway in Uptown District - Cafes to Work and Study in Oakland

Tierra Mia Coffee, in 2001 Broadway, is located in the busy Uptown District and is one of the best cafes to work in Oakland. If you require WiFi, you can purchase that at the counter but notice that the signal is a bit weak at times. If you need a more stable connection, you should use a HotSpot connection. Still, it is a very comfortable place to work or study as the staff is respectful, pleasant, and quiet when working. This is a Latin-oriented spot with delicious horchata latte, rice and beans frappe, Cuban coffee, and Mazapan latte.


Oaklandia Cafe x Bakery on 12th Street in Downtown

Coffee Ahops in oakland - Oaklandia Cafe x Bakery Located on 12th Street in Downtown for Delicious Pastries

You should try this cafe if you love sandwiches, be it meaty or vegetarian. With over 25 years of experience making baked goods and an excellent selection of heart sandwiches and delicious coffees, the Oaklandia Cafe x Bakery is one of the best cafes in downtown Oakland. Their prices are very reasonable, pastries are fresh, and there is ample space for you to sit or work. They have a nice spot for doing some work or study, but the internet is unavailable. You can find Oaklandia Cafe on 12th Street, which operates from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Awaken Cafe & Roasting in the Lionel J. Wilson Building in Downtown

Awaken Cafe & Roasting - Cute Cafes in Oakland Ca which is Found in the Lionel J. Wilson Building in Downtown

Opened in 2008, Awaken Cafe & Roasting is definitely a place for hipsters, and as a result, they have made the interior very nice and the atmosphere is very welcoming. It is also hailed as one of the cutest cafes in Oakland, with wooden tables and multiple paintings on the walls. They also host art and live music events, which adds to the magical beauty of this cafe. You can sit inside or outside and enjoy the movement of people while drinking your coffee.

The drink and food menu stars are lavender latte, vegan donuts, bagels, and avocado toasts. The Awaken Cafe is also in the business of roasting coffee beans. Depending on your needs, you can buy small or large batches of coffee beans. You can find Awaken Cafe & Roasting inside the beautiful Lionel J. Wilson Building in the Downtown area at 1429 Broadway.


Hudson Bay Cafe in Rockridge Oakland

Hudson Bay Cafe is Located in Rockridge District of Oakland on College Avenue

One cafe with years of expertise that opened its doors in 1985 is the Hudson Bay Cafe, one of the best cafes in the Oakland Rockridge district on College Avenue. This is one of the top breakfast cafes in Oakland, as they offer a great selection of egg sandwiches, breakfast burritos, bagels, and toast for under $10. The sandwiches here are done by order, ensuring freshness, but they can quickly make them.

On the shop’s front, there is no glass window, but when you enter, every corner is covered with full-sized windows, allowing you to enjoy the view of Street Street and get some beautiful sunshine. The Hudson Bay Cafe is ready to serve customers daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Delah Coffee near the Koreana Plaza on West Grand Avenue

Delah Coffee is a Yemini Coffee House Located near the Koreana Plaza on West Grand Avenue

Delah Coffee is part of many franchise coffee shops in Oakland Ca with the difference that they are actually a Yemini coffee house. This branch in Oakland is located very close to the famous Koreana grocery store on West Grand Avenue, and the other branches are currently found at Berkley and San Francisco.

The menu here includes Middle Eastern sweets like baklava, pistachio, and rose milk cakes and Middle Eastern coffee, which are slightly stronger in caffeine. The interior is designed in a way to make you feel like you are in an upscale cafe in the Middle East, but their prices are very fair and affordable. They are one of those cafes in Oakland open till 10 or 11 p.m. and as early as 7 a.m.


Good News Cafe in Lakeside District Neighborhood

Cheap cafes in Oakland California - Good News Cafe Located in Lakeside District Neighborhood Best for take Aways

Now let’s introduce a cafe for those travelers who are on the go and want to have a breakfast meal and a cup of coffee and move on to their next destination while spending as little as possible. For that, Good News Cafe in Lakeside District Neighborhood is one of the best cheap cafes in Oakland Downtown, which only has takeaway service and a ton of sandwich and coffee options operating from an unassuming shop in the city. This cafe is usually open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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