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Top 5 Bakeries in Seoul



Top 5 Bakeries in Seoul

Top 5 Bakeries in Seoul

Koreans really like bread and cake. Therefore, it’s no surprise then that you can find a lot of unique bakeries in Seoul as well as cafés, serving delicious pastries and bread. Here are 5 of the best bakeries in Seoul to visit in to understand the massive bread culture in this part of the world.



South Korea Travel Tips - Passion5 is Located Near The Yongsan-gu Neighborhood

Passion5 is one of more nicer and high end bakeries in Seoul. This place offer s a lot of unique cakes as well as stuffed bread. This bakery is part of SPC group, therefore you can find it in SPC Building near the Yongsan-gu neighborhood.


Wood & Brick

Top 5 Bakeries in Seoul - Wood & Brick is Well Known For its Homemade Macarons

Part of a small chain in the city, Wood & Brick is one of bakeries in Seoul that is a favorite with locals and visitors alike. In addition to a selection of fresh bread and pastries, the café-bakery is well known for its homemade macarons. Seoul’s large expat community also appreciates the wide variety of fine cheeses, olive oils and canned goods sold here.



Top 5 Bakeries in Seoul - MAY BELL BAKERY Offers Rosemary Rye Loaf Made From Sourdough

MAY BELL bakery is a gem in the Hannam-dong district. Also, Maybell Bakery is one of the few bakeries in Seoul that offers vegan options. In fact, there’s a wide variety of vegan breads warm from the oven, such as cranberry rye bread, rosemary rye loaf made from sourdough.


The Bakers Table

Top 5 Bakeries in Seoul - The Bakers Table Cafe is The Best in Town And Good For Toast

Many local believe The Bakers Table cafe is the best in town. Also, there are a wide range of high-quality baked goods available here that you can’t find elsewhere. In here, you can get ingredients for toast and buns at home, In fact, it’s the ideal brunch location for lazy Sunday mornings.


Fave Bakery Yeonnam

South Korea Travel Tip - Fave Bakery Yeonnam is Located in Hongdae Neighborhood

If you are in Hongdae neighborhood, make sure to visit Fave Bakery Yeonnam. This café is a favorite with students. Not only is the menu filled with many delicious breads, pastries as well as cakes, also their prices are fair too. Moreover, there’s also a great selection of hot and cold drinks here.

If you are a fan of visiting cafes and bread shop, it is worth checking out some budget shopping in Seoul as well. Some of these shopping places other than clothes and merchandise, offer great quality snacks as well for very low prices.

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