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Best Coffee Shops in Austin

Top Coffee Shops in Austin

Top Coffee Shops in Austin

There are very good quality coffee shops in Austin, and a majority of cafes in Austin have evolved in terms of service and quality due to the movement of various cultures and communities into this great city. The city of Austin is the capital of the great state of Texas, and as a result, coffee shops in Austin have more access to better quality beans imported as well as better roasting facilities overall. Hence, if you are a coffee lover and like to enjoy beautiful nature, then make sure to give these cafes in Austin a visit.


Mozart’s Coffee Roasters in Oyster Landing Business Center

Top Coffee Shops in Austin - Mozart's Coffee Roasters Located in Oyster Landing Business Center

One of the most iconic cafes in Austin is Mozart’s Coffee Roasters, which with its expansive view, provides a great experience for those who want to enjoy Lake Austin’s cozy feeling. Also, with its patio on the lower deck, it is where most festivities take place, as well as their upper deck from where live music plays. This is one of a kind café that attracts both locals and out-of-town visitors alike for their social and business gatherings.

Moreover, this is a family-owned café, and their coffee is roasted in-house to ensure quality and consistency. The beans used here are sourced from coffee farms across the globe. Therefore you can experience different aromas and tastes depending on the type of bean. Furthermore, Mozart’s Coffee Roasters’ menu consists of freshly-baked cakes and cookies, croissants, scones & muffins, sandwiches, empanadas, and unique desserts.

Also, if you are in Austin during Christmas festivities, make sure to visit them, as a free light show happens there during that time which is not to be missed. The Mozart’s Coffee Roasters location is in the famous Oyster Landing Business Center, with paid parking available on-site. If you travel using public transport, there is a bus stop very close to this café where bus number 18 passes by. Interestingly, a bike-sharing station is also available at 3825 Lake Austin Blvd.


Café No Sé Belongs to South Congress Hotel

Café No Sé is Part of The South Congress Hotel - Downtown Cafes in Austin

Another one of the great coffee shops in Austin would be Café No Sé which offers great quality coffee as well as healthy homemade food. The coffee is quite cheap here, with options like latte, lavender chai, and drip coffee. Other than coffee, you can get wine, cocktails, and beer again at reasonable prices.

The majority of Café No Sé menu, including its food offerings, are prepared in-house, like freshly baked bread and desserts, salads and bowls, as well as sandwiches and other great main dishes, all made with care and use of high-quality ingredients. This is because Café No Sé is part of the South Congress Hotel, so hotel chefs do the quality control in this café too. The location of Café No Sé is at 1606 South Congress Avenue. You can get either bus 1, 486 or 801 and stop at the “Soco Station” bus stop to arrive here. There is also a patio if you want to dine outside.


Magnolia Cafe With a Nice Retro Feel

Downtown Cafes in Austin - Magnolia Cafe is Located at 1920 South Congress Avenue

Magnolia Cafe is another one of the beloved coffee shops in Austin, which opened in 1979 on Lake Austin Boulevard under another name, Omelettery West. After a few years of success in attracting people to come by and enjoy live music and movies there, they opened another branch in South Congress in 1988.
This Magnolia Cafe menu includes breakfast deals (with options available all day), sandwiches, burgers, salads, enchiladas, tacos, desserts, a separate kids menu, as well as weekend and house specialties. Currently, the only Magnolia Cafe location available to serve customers is at 1920 South Congress Avenue. There is a beautiful garden and patio at this location with a nice retro feel to it. They are now open from 8 am to 10 pm.


Cheap Cafes in Austin

There are a few good cheap cafes in Austin that are suitable for some savings while maintaining acceptable quality coffee for daily coffee users. Here you can explore a few of such coffee shops in Austin. These are the places where most of the younger generations go as well.


Fat Cats Organic Coffee & Desserts Best for Vegans

Fat Cats Organic Coffee & Desserts is an Animal friendly Place and Best for Vegans

If you are looking for one of the full plant-based and vegan coffee shops in Austin, then Fat Cats Organic Coffee & Desserts is the one for you. This café started its operation in 2014 by Paya Patel to give the local Austin community lots of healthy food options in an environmentally responsible way. As the name suggests, the main theme here is based around cats, including most of their pastries and latte arts. They are also very dog friendly.
The menu in Fat Cats includes gluten-free and vegan desserts, baked goods, and dairy-free and vegan coffee drinks. There is also dairy ice cream in tasty flavors. The atmosphere here is very welcoming, and there are even a few board games available for some nice pastime.
The Fat Cats Cafe’s location is at 7020 Easy Wind Dr. Road. You can stop at “Crestview Station” if you are taking light train 550 or buses 1, 481, or 801. Also, bus number 300 stops at the “Easy Wind/St Johns” bus stop, which is very close to this café.


Fleet Coffee Co with Lower Prices

Fleet Coffee Co Has Branches at 2427 Webberville Road and at 2401 Winsted Lane

Fleet Coffee Co is one of the smallest coffee shops in Austin, with much lower coffee prices because of local bean sourcing. Another positive aspect of Fleet Coffee is that they open early, at 7:30 am, all the way till 1:30 am, making them a great place for a late-night drink. The main store is located at 2427 Webberville Road, and for more outdoor space, head to their roadside café at 2401 Winsted Lane.


Flitch Coffee located in Govalle Neighborhood

Flitch Coffee is Located in Govalle Neighborhood - Top Coffee Shops in Austin

Another one of the great cheap coffee shops in Austin, Texas, is Flitch Coffee which operates from a retro-fitted trailer, and you can see chairs and tables made from lumber emitting great fresh wooden scents. The outdoor patio is spacious here, with a good number of seating areas. As for the drinks menu, you get everything from drip coffee to lattes, all at affordable prices, together with tacos and Granola bars. This is an animal-friendly café, and some live music and other community events are happening here. The Flitch Coffee is at 641 Tillery Street in the Govalle neighborhood.


Once Over Coffee Bar in Bouldin Creek Neighborhood

Once Over Coffee Bar Best Known for Gluten-Free, Vegan and Vegetarian options- Downtown Cafes in Austin

Established in 2009, Once Over Coffee Bar is one of the true quality cafes in Austin, located at 2009 South 1st Street in a nice neighborhood called Bouldin Creek. The menu at Once Over Coffee Bar has fresh pastries and bagels offered in gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. You can dine inside or outside in their pretty backyard, which is also dog-friendly.

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