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Best Cafes in Phoenix

Best Cafes in Phoenix

List of Coffee Shops & Cafes in Phoenix

With the expansion of coffee culture and newcomers from outer states and even other countries, cafes in Phoenix have become more integrated into people’s daily lives and have become social spots for both work and casual meetings. Here is a list of some of the most unique cafes in Phoenix and what they generally offer.



Morning Glory Cafe in The Farm at South Mountain

Morning Glory Cafe in The Farm at South Mountain is one of Outdoor Cafes in Phoenix with Benches on the Outside

Located in The Farm at South Mountain, Morning Glory Cafe is one of those cafes in Phoenix that have excellent outdoor settings and the food will bring a smile to your face. Known for its hearty waffles, mimosa cocktails, chicken enchiladas, bacon and eggs and delicious briskets, Morning Glory Cafe is the place to be for good food and excellent nature beauty. You will place your order from the counter on the inside and when the food and drinks are ready, you can then sit at the outdoor picnic tables in the back garden.


Biscuits Café in Fountain Square

Biscuits Café in Fountain Square is one of Best Cafes in Phoenix for American Style Breakfast and Pancakes and Blueberries

When it comes to the best of the breakfast cafes in Phoenix, you should not forget about the Biscuits Café. The Preston family opened the first branch of this café in Oregon City and now Biscuits Café locations are widespread all over Oregon, Arizona and Washington states. The Breakfast and Lunch focused café consists of American offerings like blueberry pancakes and syrup, French toast and scrambled eggs, hash browns and most importantly, biscuits and gravy. The location of Biscuits Cafe in Phoenix, Arizona, is in Fountain Square on East Bell Road.


Fillmore Coffee Co. in Skyline Lofts Apartment Homes

Fillmore Coffee Co. is one of Coffee Shops in Phoenix Located in the Skyline Lofts Apartment Homes and a Good Place for Working with Laptops

As part of Skyline Lofts Apartment Homes on North 4th Street, Fillmore Coffee Co. has been a decent addition to the existing coffee shops in Phoenix with their approach to younger generations. The atmosphere is amicable and cozy and the furniture and chairs are placed so that you have ample room to talk with friends or work with your laptop in peace.

This is a more health-conscious breakfast café, and they have options like fresh pastries, avocado toasts, Acai bowls, salads and many sandwiches made in-house using local ingredients. Their coffee is good with options like flight so that you can taste a few shots with varying flavors and strengths. Also, this is an Australian-style run café and their beans are roasted in-house as well.


Park Cafe in Maricopa County

Park Cafe is Located near the Litchfield Park in Maricopa County and Has amazing View and French Toasts

Park Cafe in Litchfield Park in Maricopa County is a place to be if you want to enjoy a magnificent view of the nearby Park while immersing yourself in superb and flavorful food with beautiful colors. This is one of those cafes in Phoenix that focuses more on their food menu and their coffees could be more assertive. Yet, you must try their iced coffee for sure. As for the food, their chilaquiles and chorizo omelets are very famous and you need to drink some of the delicious margaritas.


Mimi’s Cafe in Desert Ridge Marketplace

Mimi's Cafe in Desert Ridge Marketplace is The best Spot for Breakfast, Lunch and Even Dinner with Lots of Amazing food and Drinks

Desert Ridge Marketplace, just off Loop 101 and Tatum Boulevard, has been a hangout place for many shoppers and food lovers. The local café in this marketplace that attracts many of them is Mimi’s Cafe. This café/bistro opened in 1978 and has branches in 12 states across the USA. Also, Mimi’s Cafe has some of the most elaborate food; on the plus side, they are open from breakfast until dinner. The coffee is rich in flavor and has all kinds of food, from seafood, beef and chicken and some vegetarian and gluten-free options.


Coffee Shops in Phoenix

Below, we take a closer look at those smaller coffee shops in Phoenix that either have cheaper coffee and food or have unique culturally influenced food or drinks. These coffee spots cater more to artists, the working class, or those who want to have a simple cup of coffee with like-minded people.


Lola Coffee in Downtown and Arcadia

Lola Coffee in Downtown and Arcadia Has Simple but Delicious Coffee and Food Menu with Outdoor Tables - Coffee Shops in Phoenix

Like many small-sized coffee shops in Phoenix, Lola Coffee started with a humble beginning selling food and Espresso drinks in small quantities. The same culture of sticking to a few items and perfecting them has persisted in Lola Coffee shop. Lola Coffee’s menu includes only hot coffee, tea and small bites like muffins and shortbreads. It is good to know that with the success of their business and the help of genuine customers, Lola Coffee locations are now expanded to Arcadia, on East Indian School Road, and the original one in Downtown Phoenix on North 3rd Avenue.


Hipster Café of Lux Central

Lux Central is Definitely a Hipster café KNown for Their Simple Baked Goods Located near the Campbell/Central Avenue train station

There is no shortage of hipster cafes in Phoenix, but the Lux Central, near the Campbell/Central Avenue train station known for the extraordinary baked goods, tasty quiches and fantastic coffee similar to the ones you get in the heart of Europe. Their cocktails are delicious and well-crafted too. Just be advised to go there for their more uncomplicated food as they are cheaper and usually have consistently good quality.


Fair Trade Cafe for Cheaper Coffee

Cheap Coffee shops in Phoenix - Fair Trade Cafe for Cheaper Coffee in Roosevelt Square

Located in Downtown Phoenix, Fair Trade Cafe has prided itself on being one of the cheaper coffee shops in Phoenix while maintaining quality for its customers. Located in Roosevelt Square, very close to The Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix, opposite the Roosevelt/Central Ave train station, Fair Trade Cafe is the perfect spot for casual business meetings and doing your remote work because of its welcoming environment, delicious food and pastries as well as various smoothies.


Tres Leches Café on West Van Buren Street

Tres Leches Café is a Mexican Gourmet Cafe located on West Van Buren Street

There are not many Mexican gourmet cafes in Phoenix, but Tres Leches Café tries to be a pioneer in this field. Opened in 2014 and relocated in 2018 to West Van Buren Street, this café has a lot of Mexican hot and cold drinks and their coffee is very Mexican and Central American influenced, which can be clearly seen in the Latte menus. If you are on a special diet, you can ask your food or drinks to be gluten- or sugar-free.

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