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Best Shisha in Qatar

Best Shisha in Qatar

Top Places to Find Shisha in Qatar

For those who want to relax and smoke some shisha in Qatar, they should head to Doha. To get the best shisha in Doha, you can check out the provided list of restaurants and coffee houses mentioned here. These places offer nice quality and well-balanced shisha. Some of these locations are well-known restaurants, and others are where most men go.


Le Gourmet Restaurant Near Souq Waqif

Best Shisha in Qatar - Le Gourmet Restaurant Has a Sheesha House in Souq Waqif

Le Gourmet Restaurant is a nice restaurant that offers nice shishas. If you want to smoke some of the best shisha in Qatar, then head to this restaurant. It is good to know that only outdoor seats are available for you to order shisha here. The current price for shisha here is 30 Qatari Rials. The location of this shisha house is Souq Waqif.


Viola Restaurant & Shisha inside The Avenue A Murwab Hotel

Best Shisha in Qatar - Viola Restaurant & Shisha is Located Outside The Avenue A Murwab Hotel

Viola Restaurant & Shisha offers some of the best shisha in Doha in a nice and professional environment. You can find this place just outside the Avenue A Murwab Hotel. If you want to smoke shisha in Viola Restaurant & Shisha, you need to sit outside of this place.


HuQQa Qatar

Smoke Shisha in Doha - HuQQa Qatar is A Turkish Franchise Located in The Al Qassar Street

HuQQa Qatar is a Turkish franchise restaurant that has one branch in Qatar. Moreover, HuQQa Qatar has smaller size shisha in Qatar but with more unique flavors. Also, the HuQQa Qatar location is at Al Gassar Resort Tower 3, and to get there, you can take the Al Qassar metro station and head to Al Qassar Street. It is very close to the metro station. The place here is high-end, and the shisha prices are more expensive as well.


Ghawas cafe Hukka Bar

Smoke Shisha in Doha - Ghawas cafe Hukka Bar is Very Close to Doha Sports Stadium

Ghawas Cafe Hukka Bar has some of the best shisha in Doha for a relatively low price. Also, it is very close to Doha sports stadium. The environment is not family-friendly, and most single guys go to this place. On the plus side, you get better-tasting shish here. Another bonus for this place is that it operates almost all day, every day. You can reach this place by walking 15 minutes from Souq Waqif metro station.

*Update: Currently, Ghawas Cafe Hukka Bar is not operational.


Al Nafourah Garden close t0 Umm Ghuwailina Station

Middle East Travel Guide - Al Nafourah Garden is A Lebanese Restaurant in The Hyatt Regency Oryx

Al Nafourah Garden is a Lebanese restaurant which is located in the Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha Hotel, very close to Umm Ghuwailina subway station. This place offers some of the more genuine Arabic shishas in Doha. Since Al Nafourah Garden is a high-end restaurant, their pricing is higher than average for their shishas.


Al Embarator Sheesha

Middle East Travel Guide - Al Embarator Sheesha is Open All Day Located Near Al Shoufan Bus Stop

Al Embarator Sheesha is another place that is open all day and offers some good shisha in Qatar. You can find it near the “Al Shoufan” bus stop. Their prices here are average, and they have some cafe offerings other than shisha.

*Update: Al Embarator Sheesha is no longer open.


Shisha Terrace in Four Seasons Hotel

Smoke Shisha in Doha - Shisha Terrace is Part of Four Seasons Hotel With Amazing View

Shisha Terrace is part of the four seasons hotel. This place is a nice bar offering some of the best shisha in Doha. The view from the top of this place is just amazing. Also, their prices are not cheap here. You can find this fantastic place near the West Bay.

For those tourists who want to bring some smoking accessories home, they can check out best tobacco Qatar shops in this country. These tobacco shops have everything related to shisha, cigars, cigarettes, as well as some Arabic tobacco.


Places to Smoke Shisha in Doha

With the introduction of new government policies, finding cheap shisha in Doha is getting scarce. Most of these cafes selling shisha in Qatar have been moved to lounges with better management and, as a result, higher prices. Some of these lounges you can try include Aqua, Al Jalsa Garden, and Al Shurfa Arabic Lounge. Other than high-end lounges, some restaurants and cafes like Viola, Lemon Cafe, Orient Parl, and Le Gourmet still offer shisha outdoors. Most of them cater to individuals who come to drink coffee or a meal and order shisha afterward, but you can still go there just to smoke shisha and drink some tea.

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