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Top Cafes in San Jose

Top Cafes in San Jose

Best Cafes in San Jose

Coffee shops & cafes in San Jose are an integral part of the local population, which tend to grab a coffee and sit by the street side while enjoying the weather there. San Jose is a large industrial city in the USA with a larger educated population than most American cities. The city has a great deal of ethnic diversity, and all people live together in peace and tranquility. Public transport is well accessible throughout the city, and you can also take advantage of the good weather to enjoy visiting these interesting cafes.


Blue Bottle Coffee in Santana Row Bay Area

Blue Bottle Coffee is A Cozy Place With Both Indoor & Outdoor Sitting Spaces - Top Cafes in San Jose

Blue Bottle Coffee opened in 2002 in Santana Row Bay Area, very close to Santana Row Park. As one of the top cafes in San Jose, this coffee house sells high-grade specialty coffee, which is mostly organic. Their prices are slightly higher than average, and other than cold and hot coffee, they offer a nice selection of food, such as toast, cakes, butter brownies, and waffles. This is a cozy place with both indoor and outdoor sitting spaces where there is a beautiful city view if you choose to drink your coffee outside.


Hannah Coffee at Avalon at Cahill Park

Best Coffee Shops in San Jose - Hannah Coffee is at Avalon at Cahill Park in the Alamada

You can find Hannah Coffee at Avalon at Cahill Park in the Alameda. Hannah Coffee serves delicious hot & cold coffee using locally roasted beans; besides coffee, you can order handcrafted sandwiches, baked goods, bagels, and salads here. They are all made out of fresh and high-quality ingredients. The interior décor has a minimalist yet inviting concept, and the outdoor setting is just magnificent. Also, the staff is super friendly, and your order will be ready quickly. If you are using public transport to get here, then you can take bus numbers 22 & 64B and then get off at ” The Alamada & Bush” bus stop.


Spectra Coffee near Almaden Plaza

Top Cafes in San Jose - Spectra Coffee is Famous for Their Blossom Lattes

For coffee lovers with a limited budget, Spectra Coffee is one of the top cafes in San Jose in that respect. They are famous for their blossom lattes, delicious croissants, and Hummus toast, as well as their Banh Mi Sandwiches. You can find this pleasant coffee shop outside of the Almaden Plaza shopping mall. In fact, you can get here by taking bus number 27 and then stopping at “Blossom Hill & Almaden” bus station. Next, take the Almaden Plaza pathway to reach your destination.


Whispers Cafe and Creperie best for breakfast

USA Travel Tips - Whispers Cafe and Creperie is Excellent For Having Inexpensive Coffee

Whispers Cafe and Creperie is another excellent location for having inexpensive coffee. It is one of the best cafes in San Jose, with a fantastic location for eating breakfast as well as supper. They offer sweet & savory crepes, burgers, sandwiches, pancakes, as well as all kinds of egg benedicts or omelets. They even have salads and soups with a few selections of alcoholic drinks. The Whispers Cafe is located in the downtown area of Paseo de San Antonio, next to the Hammer Theater.

You can reach here either using a bicycle or taking light rain and stop at “San Antonio Station.” Also, Rapid 568, as well as No. 66 & 88 buses, pass by here where you need to get off at the “2nd & Paseo de San Antonio” bus stop.

Academic Coffee near City Lights Theater

Academic Coffee is Located Near City Lights Theater and San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles - Best Coffee Shops in San Jose

Academic Coffee is the place to be if you like to drink reasonably priced green tea and lattes. Also, they provide lots of varieties and variations of your favorite beverages. Other than ready-made drinks, they sell roasted coffee beans and other locally made merchandise. Also, their pastries are always fresh, and their balanced flavor is difficult to come by in other coffee houses. Moreover, the atmosphere here is very welcoming and more importantly the staff is polite, and they care about the final product they deliver to you.

Academic Coffee is near City Lights Theater and the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. The nearest bus stop is “2nd & William”, which is accessible using bus numbers 66 & 68.

If you like to eat regional beads like the ones in this café, then you should take a look at nearby bakeries in San Francisco. These bakeries offer very delicious and fresh bread and pastries that are famous throughout the entire country.


Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee Has Currently 5 Locations in The City For Coffee Connoisseurs - USA Travel Tips

Philz Coffee currently has 5 locations in the city. This coffee house is all about different blends of coffee sourced from many parts of the world. Consequently, Philz Coffee is another one of the handfuls of cafes in San Jose that coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs will enjoy going to because all the drinks are hand-crafted and out of the ordinary.

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