Top Restaurants in Gdansk

Top Restaurants in Gdansk

Best Restaurants in Gdansk

The culinary offerings of Gdańsk are exceptionally rich and you don’t have to search long to find the right restaurants in Gdansk for a quick breakfast, good coffee or a nice dinner. In almost every corner there are interesting places worth visiting, and each of them offers a different, original cuisine and a unique atmosphere. Walking along the streets of Gdańsk, from the old town, through Wrzeszcz, to the sea, can not only see colorful houses, canals and museums, but also beautiful cafes and restaurants.



Łąka Bar Best for Asian and Vegan Food

Łąka Bar Has Menus Inspired by Asian Cuisine - Top Restaurants in Gdansk

Łąka Bar is one of unique restaurants in Gdansk whose atmosphere will take you to Berlin’s Kreuzberg. The local menu is inspired by Asian cuisine, with flavors coming from the cuisine of Eastern Europe. Also, you can order oyster mushrooms tempura, Korean rice noodles in spicy gochujang sauce as well as seasonal vegetable salads. Moreover, Łąka is a place not only for dinner but also for delicious breakfasts, and in the evening for tasty beers, wines or drinks. The interior here is a high room full of plants, supported by a series of thin columns and a bar lined with green tiles. All this makes you feel cozy and peaceful inside.


Sempre Pizza & Wino Selling Thin Crust Pizzas

Top Restaurants in Gdansk - Sempre Pizza & Wino Located in Bohaterów Monte Cassino

If you want to feel like on vacation on the Italian coast, head towards the city’s Fish Market. There you will find one of the best pizzeria restaurants in Gdansk. Although Semper other branches in the city, Bohaterów Monte Cassino is more famous one. There is a beautiful view of the city from here, ships pass right by. The pizzas here are simple, full of fresh ingredients and aromatic herbs. The pizzas are prepared on a thin, characteristic dough that rises gently for several hours. All ingredients are imported from Italy, this shop ensures that the best quality of ingredients delivered to the restaurant.


MANNA 68 – restauracja wegańska Vegan Restaurant

MANNA 68 - Restauracja Wegańskais Located Near the Mariacka Gate

Located near the Mariacka Gate, manna 68 is the perfect place for a vegan or vegetarian dinner. They draw inspiration for their dishes from many cuisines of the world. In fact, you can eat here both classic Polish cold soup and Thai soup as well as Moroccan couscous salad. Also, the menu includes offers for children with some funny names. Manna is also famous for its wide selection of tasty teas and various wines.


Klatka B Located in Meczet w Warszawie

Klatka B is Famous For Local Pastrami Sandwiches - Top Restaurants in Gdansk

When in Gdańsk, you really need to try local pastrami sandwiches. These are juicy, perfectly seasoned and prepared meat puts you in an indescribable state of satisfaction. If you want to see what these specialties taste like, go to the restaurant for breakfast, burgers or a nice dinner. Klatka B is really one of top restaurants in Gdansk for these pastrami sandwiches. All the dishes on the menu are prepared on site with ingredients sourced from our own farm. Before noon you can order classic pastrami and scrambled eggs, sweet spreads for breakfast.

Update: This eatery is not currently available.


Pierogarnia Mandu Selling Dumplings

Top Restaurants in Gdansk - Pierogarnia Mandu is All About Dumplings

Pierogarnia Mandu is all about dumplings. The sweet, salty, vegan dumplings are prepared specially by skilled chefs. Additionally, as the season changes, new items appear in the menu, and each of them is full of fresh and currently available ingredients. There are plenty of classic items like dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms as well as some with kimchi or chorizo ​​and potatoes. They are all hand-made and served in three different cooking methods – boiled, fried or baked.


House of Seitan for Vegetarian and Vegan Polish Cuisine

House of Seitan Offers Vegetarian Polish Cuisine - Travel Guide Poland

In a relatively small place in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz, the House of Seitan gives vegetarian Polish cuisine a new meaning. House of Seitan is famous as one of best vegan restaurants in Gdansk. Be sure to try vegan pork chop, Schabibi as well as dumplings stuffed with red lentils. Also, all dishes that come out of the kitchen are colorful, wholesome and tasty.

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