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10 Best Bars in Rio De Janeiro



10 Best Bars in Rio De Janeiro

10 Best Bars in Rio De Janeiro

Every tourist visiting Rio should go to some of the many local bars Rio de Janeiro offers. Therefore, here are 10 best bars in Rio De Janeiro that you can check out to have a lot of fun in this city. Even Though Rio de Janeiro is famous for its clear skies, coastal vibes as well as its great nature, the nightlife is something else. This city has a unique and animated bar culture with easy socializing for tourists and newcomers. Here are some of the best bars for you to go to in Rio de Janeiro.


1. Bar Bukowski

10 Best Bars in Rio De Janeiro - Bar Bukowski Has A Lounge Serving Hookah

Bar Bukowski is the oldest rock & roll bars Rio de Janeiro shows to its visitors. This bar is open most of the week including the holidays. Also, this bar includes 4 bars and lounges with external sittings where you can yourself a hookah.


2. Jobi

Travel Guide Brazil - Jobi is A Trendy Place To Experience Carioca's Bohemian Life Style

Jobi is one of the oldest bars in Rio. It is a trendy place and as cleanliness comes to mind, this bar is very hygienic and clean. Also, they have a restaurant that serves delicious food and has good service too. It is where you can experience carioca’s bohemian life style fully. Moreover, it gets quite crowded at night time.


3. Bar do Mineiro

10 Best Bars in Rio De Janeiro - Bar do Mineiro is Located in The Heart of Santa Teresa

Bar do Mineiro, in the heart of Santa Teresa, is one of the most unique bars Rio de Janeiro has to offer. Inside you will see black & white photos on the walls as well as a lot of crowd outside, the bar makes you feel good inside. The star of the menu is the famous feijoada and the cold beers are incredible too.


4. Café Cultural Sacrilégio

Bars Rio de Jneiro - Café Cultural Sacrilégio is Really Good For Seeing Live Performances

Café Cultural Sacrilégio is one of those bars in Rio that you should go just for the live performances. This bar is a lovely samba club in Lapa area. The music is wondaful here. Also, they serve great food as well as great Caipirinhas. Therefore, make sure to give this place a visit if you like the samba vibes.


5. Bip Bip

10 Best Bars in Rio De Janeiro - Bip Bip is A Working-Class Place With Samba And Guitar Sessions

This place is probably the best working-class of many bars Rio de Janeiro showcases . Locals and tourists all come here almost every night to listen to the famous samba jamming session and have a drink. Furthermore, the bar is as vintage and old-school as it gets. You get your beers from a fridge at the back of the shop and the owner writes down the purchase. The catch when listening to music there is  not clapping at the end of the music. The owner doesn’t like noises disturbing the peace in there!


6. Bar e Restaurante Urca

Bars Rio de Jneiro - Bar e Restaurante Urca is Located in Urca Neighborhood

This classic bar can be found in the fabulous Urca neighborhood. Also, Bar Urca has a spot overlooking Guanabara Bay that provides a beautiful scene in a sunny day while hearing the sound of the water under your feet. You can grab a cold beer from the bar and a some snacks, and then head over to the wall across the street to get the bay view by yourself.


7. Bar Bracarense

Travel Guide Brazil - Bar Bracarense is Located in Wealthiest Area of Leblon

Bar Bracarense is one of more classier bars in Rio. This bar is located in Leblon, which is Rio’s wealthiest neighborhood populated with classy, over the top bars. Moreover, Bar Bracarense on the other hand offers a more affordable menu in comparison to its competitors. Also, you can get the traditional boteco in this bar. The bar has outdoor seating, suitable for calming Rio evening serves  classic Brazilian pub food and local beer brands.


8. Bar Carioca da Gema

10 Best Bars in Rio De Janeiro - Bar Carioca da Gema is Very Famous And Has Nightly Samba Sessions

The phrase ‘Carioca da gema‘ is an expression to describe someone who is truly born in Rio. It’s a sign of pride in that they were born and raised in the fantastic city. This bar shares the spirit of Rio completely, with nightly samba sessions and choro bands, local food, as well as cold beers that are a must on a summer’s night in Rio.


9. Pavão Azul Bar

Bars Rio de Jneiro - Pavão Azul Bar is Located in Copacabana Area is Famous For Cold Beer And Codfish Bolinhos

Pavão is a one of the most popular bars in Rio in Copacabana area. You need to go there early to get a seat. Unfortunately, if you arrive late any later than 6 in the evening and you’ll be forced to sit down on one of the plastic chairs on the pavement. Also, this bar is famous for its codfish bolinhos (fishcakes) as well as its cold beers.


10. Academia da Cachaça

Travel Guide Brazil - Academia da Cachaça is Mostly For Upper Class Customers

Academia da Cachaça is more of a more premium bar that caters mostly to upper class. They are famous for their good quality food as well as Cachaca rum. Also, they serve a large selection of cocktails as well as sprits with slightly higher price tag.

Also, if you want to try the local food before or after going to these bars, you should check out cheap food in Rio De Janeiro where there are many places that offer great tasting food that will not hurt your wallet. There are international food if you have problem eating local dishes.

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