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Best Restaurants in Bernalillo

Best Restaurants in Bernalillo

Family Friendly Restaurants in Bernalillo New Mexico

Mexican food is really popular in NM and some of the best restaurants in Bernalillo New Mexico, sell homemade and high-quality Southwestern and Mexican fast food in Bernalillo at decent prices.


Where to Eat in Bernalillo NM?

Most restaurants in Bernalillo, NM, are located along the South Camino Del Pueblo Boulevard and Highway 550. these two are the major roads in the city. As a result, many churches and eateries are located alongside them.


Guang Dong Chinese Restaurant off Highway 550

Guang Dong Chinese Restaurant off Highway 550 - Chinese Food in New Mexico

One of the most decent Chinese restaurants in Bernalillo for Take-Out food is the Guang Dong Chinese Restaurant. The menu here includes various types of fried rice, egg foo young, teriyaki beef and soups. They are open for lunch and dinner from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and closed on Sundays. You can find Guang Dong restaurant at 407 US-550, just off Highway 550.


Range Café Southwestern Restaurant in Bernalillo

best Restaurants in Bernalillo Downtown - Range Café Southwestern Restaurant for Families and Quality Western food

Regarding delicious Southwestern food in Bernalillo, Range Café is a shining star in the city with various menu items for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all at great prices and using locally grown ingredients. This restaurant/cafe opened in 1992, but after an unfortunate fire incident, it reopened in another location, 925 South Camino Del Pueblo, near Downtown Train Station, in 1995.

You can get Mexican food, American burgers, salads and vegetarian dishes here. Overall, Range Café is an excellent spot for your family gatherings. A gift section also sells merchandise like sauces, t-shirts and cookbooks if you are interested. The restaurant is open every day from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening. Their phone number for inquiries is (505) 867-1700.


Ruby’s Tortilleria for Tamales at Calle Montoya

Ruby's Tortilleria is Suitable for Buying Cheap and Tasty Burritos and for Tamales at Calle Montoya

Ruby’s Tortilleria is not among the biggest Mexican restaurants in Bernalillo or with many food options, but they are famous for their Tamales, burritos and Frito pies. The menu is simple and efficient, and the quality is exceptional. The salsa is homemade and goes well with the beef burritos. Make sure to show them some love and give them a visit at 118 Calle Montoya, which is open daily except Sundays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Panda Express Chinese Restaurant in Commercial Center Area

Chinese Fast Food in Bernalillo - Cheap and Affordable Panda Express Chinese Restaurant in Commercial Center Area

There are a handful of Chinese restaurants in Bernalillo but when it comes to price, availability and flavors you are familiar with, nothing beats the Panda Express located in the famous Commercial Center Area, next to Walmart Supercenter. If you are on a budget and want some acceptable Asian and Chinese fast food in Bernalillo, Panda Express is your choice. Even though they are famous for their famous orange chicken, the menu in Panda Express has other options like beef, chicken breast and shrimp with fried rice and broccoli vegetables.



Abuelita’s New Mexican Kitchen Bernalillo on Camino Del Pueblo

Mexican restaurants in Bernalillo - Abuelita's New Mexican Kitchen Bernalillo Located on Camino Del Pueblo

Abuelita’s New Mexican Kitchen is located along the Camino Del Pueblo at number 621 building. If you want to enjoy eating at one of those old-school Mexican restaurants in Bernalillo but with a new touch, then this eatery is the one to go to. A lovely family runs this restaurant and offers authentic traditional Mexican food, just like the food grandma used to make. The menu at Abuelita’s New Mexican Kitchen includes items like Carne Adovada, Sopaipillas, enchiladas, Huevos rancheros, and many more at affordable prices. Their phone number is (505) 867-9988 if you want to make prior reservations.


What Restaurant are Open in Bernalillo until late?

Panda Express, Range Café and most fast food restaurants in Bernalillo, like MacDonalds, Burger King and Twisters Burger, are open until late evening.

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