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Things to Do in Virginia Beach, USA

Things to Do in Virginia Beach, USA

Unique Things to Do in Virginia Beach

There are many things to do in Virginia Beach for people who love fresh air and nice coastal cities. This city is the largest city in North Virginia, with a population of nearly 450,000. Open to the public for a total of 14 miles, the recreational area attracts visitors to enjoy the white sandy beaches, beach hotels and restaurants, historic sites, and family attractions. This fantastic place offers a variety of recreational activities, including hiking, boating, cycling, fishing, golf, and whale and dolphin watching.



Visiting Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Things to Do in Virginia Beach, USA - Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is Located on General Booth Blvd

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is located on General Booth Blvd near Owl Creek. Visiting this aquarium is one of the best things to do in Virginia Beach. Here, they have a collection of sea animals, interactive exhibits as well as habitats. In fact, they house thousands of animals from hundreds of species. As the name suggests, this marine science center helps and funds marine conservation research through global partnerships as well as direct involvement.


Ding Outdoor Activities in First Landing State Park

First Landing State Park is A Popular Hangout Place - USA Travel Tips

First Landing State Park is one of the most popular state parks around this state. Its proximity to Virginia Beach makes it a popular hangout place. The park has 20 miles of pathways as well as 1.5 miles of sandy beach near the Chesapeake Bay. Also, this park provides hook-up & campsites, picnic areas, tent cabins, and boat ramps. Moreover, there are outdoor courtyards, a pavilion, and an amphitheater that can be rented for any events and weddings.


Norfolk Botanical Garden in Norfolk

Norfolk Botanical Garden Occupies An Area of 175-Acres - Things to Do in Virginia Beach, USA

Norfolk Botanical Garden occupies an area of 175 acres providing well over 60 themed gardens that you can observe from the nearby boats or by foot. Some of the available themed gardens here include different types of plants dedicated to specific types of growth and origins borrowed from parts of the globe. Each of these gardens allows visitors to see different varieties of plants.


Military Aviation Museum With Large War Plane Collections

Things to Do in Virginia Beach, USA - Military Aviation Museum Teaches You Abbot WWII & WWI Aviation

One of the most interesting things to do in Virginia Beach is to visit Military Aviation Museum. This museum is one of the biggest private collections of World War I and World War II-era military aircraft globally. You can do many family-friendly activities here too. In fact, you can take part in programs teaching about WWII & WWI aviation and airplane history.


Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Southeastern Virginia

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge Has Over 9000 Acres of Area - Things to Do in Virginia Beach, USA

Visiting Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is one of many interesting things to do in Virginia Beach. This refuge occupies an area of over 9000 acres to provide feeding and protection for the wildlife there. Also, you are able to see many swans, snow, and Canada geese, and a large variety of ducks here during the fall/winter migration season. Some recovered animals, like brown pelicans and bald eagles, also roam freely here.


Ocean Breeze Waterpark near The Adventure Park

Ocean Breeze Waterpark is The Only Full Scale Waterpark Here - USA Travel Guide

Ocean Breeze Waterpark is the only full-scale waterpark in Virginia that opened in 1974. This park has well over 30 slides, rides, and attractions and hopes to be the family destination for both locals and tourists. The Ocean Breeze Waterpark is very close to The Adventure Park, and tickets for Ocean Breeze Waterpark prices are about $40 for the season.


False Cape State Park on the Currituck Banks Peninsula

Things to Do in Virginia Beach, USA - False Cape State Park is Between Atlantic Ocean And Back Bay

You can visit False Cape State Park, Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Back Bay. It is one of the untouched forests along the Atlantic coast and one of the main things to do in Virginia Beach. This place was the home of Native Americans, and this park was a dedication to those that perished in the sea. The park offers a unique chance to immerse yourself in its natural beauty. The environment is untouched; therefore, expect to bring water and bug repellent with you. False Cape Park offers various hiking and biking trails, kayak trips, and camping, as well as miles of beautiful Atlantic Ocean beach.

It is good to know that this park is accessible only by foot, bicycle, tram, or boat. Some of the interior trails, including East Dike and West Dike trails, are closed from November until the end of March, during which you cannot bike along the beach there. Moreover, you can have your pets in the park; however, you cannot bring them in through Back Bay.

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