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Budget Shopping in Seoul



Budget Shopping in Seoul

Budget Shopping in Seoul

Shopping in a foreign country and finding unique and attractive goods is one of the thrills of traveling. Budget shopping in Seoul is one of such adventures for newcomers and tourists. South Korea is a shopping paradise and shopping in Seoul will delight you. If you want to experience a budget and cheap shopping experience in this city, you can visit some of the best cheap shopping areas in Seoul that we introduce to you here.

After shopping, you can try the top 5 cheap food in Seoul. These food offer great taste and they won’t hurt your budget. Make sure to try local street food and stalls for better flavor and cheap price if you are tight on a budget.


Dongdaemun Market

Budget Shopping in Seoul - Dongdaemun Market is Ideal For Getting Cheap Goods

Dongdaemun Market is very large shopping place that includes 5 separate shopping areas. You can find everything you need, from clothes to shoes, bags to delicious local food. Also, Dongdaemun is full of tourists and locals looking for an ideal and cheap goods. The small street stalls in front of the large shopping mall also offer you much better prices if you bargain with them.



Budget Shopping in Seoul - Myeong-dong Good For Finding Korean & International Cosmetic Brands

Myeong-dong is an ideal destination for cosmetics shopping. In here, you can find all the Korean and international cosmetic brands here. If you visit here during the low season season, you can experience a reasonable purchase with the lowest price. All products are a lot cheaper than what you might find in other places. The food and fashion options are innumerable and complete your experience.



Budget Shopping in Seoul - Insa-dong is A Place to Get Some Korean Handicrafts

Insa-dong is a suitable location if you want to bring home some Korean souvenirs. With its huge variety of traditional Korean handicrafts and various souvenirs, it can be a good place for you. Here you can find tea, pottery, hanbok clothing and hanji or paper handicrafts. There are also art galleries and teahouses along the street. You can try one of the traditional snacks of the city. It is a place where you can get an attractive gift for your friends and family.



Travel Guide South Korea - Hongdae A Suitable Place To Buy Fashion Products

Hongdae is located near Hongik University and is full of small shops and attractive cafes. If you are looking to buy fashion products and clothes from independent fashion producers, you can count on here. This area is also a popular destination for fashion-loving students and adults. You can also find an incredible variety of colorful and suitable small souvenirs here.


Namdaemun Market

Budget Shopping in Seoul - Namdaemun Market A Good Place For Trying Street Food

Namdaemun is dedicated to food, clothing, home appliances, flowers and plants, stationery and other products you need. Of course, all these goods are sold at a very cheap and acceptable price here. This shopping area is a combination of multi-storey buildings and stalls along the street. The Namdaemun would also be a good option for trying street food as well. Due to its proximity to the metro station, you can easily access here by public transport.


Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping Mall

What To Do in South Korea - Express Bus Terminal Underground Mall A Place Mainly For Women

The Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping Center is very large and is a real paradise for every shopper. Of course, in terms of food, you can easily count on this place. The shops here sell everything from clothes to accessories, cosmetics and interior design products, flowers and even furniture. The price of clothes is really low and you see shoes that are sold cheaper than other shopping malls. Of course, keep in mind that most of the products in this mall are for women, and men can entertain themselves with food options.

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