Budget Hostels And Hotels in Oslo

Cheap Hostels And Hotels in Oslo

Norway, as a whole, is not a cheap place to visit. However, in this list, you can choose some of the best budget hostels and hotels in Oslo. If you have chosen Oslo as your next destination and do not want to spend a lot of money on accommodation, these budget hotels in Oslo, as well as a number of hostels mentioned here, could be good choices for budget travelers in the Norwegian capital due to their reasonable prices.


Hotell Bondeheimen near Paradox Museum Oslo

Budget Hostels And Hotels in Oslo - Hotell Bondeheimen is A Very Clean And Bright

You find that Hotell Bondeheimen is not on a busy street; however, it has a good central location. This hotel houses over 100 rooms. Each room is uniquely decorated and differs from the rest in a way that makes your stay even more interesting. By staying here, you have access to shopping facilities which are close by. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have some good times here. Moreover, the hotel itself is very clean and bright and provides a filling breakfast buffet.


Anker Hostel Near Architecture Campuses

Budget Hostels And Hotels in Oslo - Anker Hostel is A Quality Economy Accommodation

Anker Hostel is one of the quality economy hostels in Oslo, located in a quieter neighborhood with plenty of amenities. This hotel is just a 10-minute walk from the city center. The restaurant and café of this hotel in Oslo are amazing and highly recommended due to their low prices.


Cochs Pension in Parkkvartalet Neighborhood

Budget Hostels And Hotels in Oslo - Cochs Pension A Short Walk From Main Train Station

In addition to its low price, Cochs Pension comes with a central location and a bohemian atmosphere. In fact, this is one of those hotels in Oslo which is known for its intimate atmosphere and clean, bright, and comfortable rooms. This hotel is located a short distance from the main train station, and you can reach it on foot. This charming old residence is located behind the royal palace and has more than 100 rooms in a few different classifications. The utility rooms have shared bathrooms and no cooking facilities; however, the premium rooms and standard rooms have unique kitchens and bathrooms inside the suite.


Smarthotel Oslo Next to The Palace Park

Budget Hostels And Hotels in Oslo - Smarthotel Oslo Has A Nice Breakfast Room Service

If you are staying in Oslo for just one day, the Smarthotel Oslo may be the best option for your stay. Here is a quick base for changing clothes, taking a shower, and more. Some of the hotel’s small rooms also have double beds, but the clever layout helps manage this small space. The large breakfast room is another positive feature of the Smarthotel and complements the café area. If you are traveling alone, this hotel is a good option.


Citybox Oslo in Proximity of Oslo Central Station

What to Do in Norway - Citybox Oslo is Located in The City Center And Offers Free Wi-Fi

Citybox Oslo combines simplicity with convenience and affordability. This hotel is located right in the city center and has check-in and check-out kiosks to help you stay more comfortable. Although the rooms are small, they have a minimal and comfortable interior. You will find comfort in their quality mattresses and free Wi-Fi here..


Thon Hotel Munch Close to Oslo Reptile Park

Norway Travel Tips - Thon Hotel Munch Offers A Good Balance Between Budget And Quality

Thon Hotel Munch is very clean and cheap, and its excellent location makes it one of the ideal hotels in Oslo. Furthermore, this hotel is one of the cheaper places to stay in Oslo, which brings a pleasant balance between budget and quality. Also, it is a better option compared to other three-star hotels in the city. Although Thon Hotel Munch is located in a very central location, it is still a quiet place.


First Hotel Millennium near The Nationaltheatret

Norway Travel Tips - First Hotel Millennium is The Favorite of Many Travelers

First Hotel Millennium is a favorite of many regular travelers when it comes to choosing the right hotels in Oslo and is often one of the secrets and travel tips. This stylish and clean hotel has excellent service and good amenities, such as Wi-Fi in the guest rooms. Moreover, they offer rooms suitable for pets and even babysitting.


Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim near Grefsen stasjon Train Station

Norway Travel Tips - Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim A Great Accommodation For Traveling Economically

Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim is one of the best hostels in Oslo. It would be great for anyone traveling economically but still want high standards and quality rooms. This hostel is located on a hill and will be ideal for families due to its lovely gardens and lawns. Here they offer clean group rooms that can accommodate one or two people. These rooms are comfortable and get a lot of sunlight. In addition to the private bathroom and toilet, TV and modern interior design are other features here. Also, their fully equipped kitchen allows you to prepare your own meals. Of course, they also offer a good variety of breakfasts. A nearby supermarket can get groceries and help you eat at a lower cost.


Scandic Karl Johan next to Stortinget Station

Travel Guide Norway - Scandic Karl Johan Offers A lot of Dishes in Their Breakfast Buffet

Scandic Karl Johan offers its guests a great location with clean, large, and beautiful rooms, along with a comfortable lobby and various armchairs. After entering the dining room, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast. You will find everything from fresh croissants to jams and cheese. The hotel has everything in its breakfast buffet for different tastes.


P-Hotel Oslo close to Scandic Karl Hotel

Travel Guide Norway - P-Hotel Oslo A Small Hotel Chain Found All Over The city

P-Hotel Oslo is one of the smaller chains of hotels in Oslo with basic rooms and facilities such as Wi-Fi internet and TV inside the suite. The hotel’s breakfast consists of a drink as well as a sandwich that each room includes. All hotels with the same name have a central location, and you can find them next to the train stations and public transport services.


Hostels in Oslo

Most of the hostels in Oslo are located in the Sentrum area as well as nearby college campuses. These are cheaper options in comparison to some of the hotels mentioned above in Oslo, but sometimes those 2 to 3-star hotels have great deals for those seeking some more comfort and privacy in the short term.

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