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Best Singapore Gifts to Buy



Best Singapore Gifts to Buy

Top Unique Singapore Gifts

Many Singapore gifts are worth getting for your friends and relatives. In fact, with numerous Singapore tourist attractions and special symbols, Singapore has a variety of souvenirs to offer a lot that generally will not cost a lot, are easy to carry and very unique in nature. Souvenir shops in Singapore are easy to find and abundant around tourist attractions and shopping malls. But the important thing is to choose unique and attractive souvenirs that will keep the experience of traveling to Singapore more memorable.



Merlion Figurines and Ornaments

Best Singapore Gifts to Buy for Friends - Merlion Figurines and Ornaments

Merlion is a creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, which is known as the symbol of Singapore. This symbol is made from the original name of Singapore, Singapura which means Lion City in Malay, and the origin of this country, a fishing village. With this symbol, small Merlion figurines and items such as keychains, magnets, snow globes, photo frames, etc., are some of the most common Singapore gifts found in souvenir shops when visiting Merlion Park.


Kaya Jam for Breakfast

Kaya Jam and Toasts for Breakfast - Food Singapore Gifts to Buy

Kaya is the main breakfast jam of many Singaporeans. You can eat this delicious combination of Kaya jam and butter between two pieces of toast on the streets of Singapore. Kaya jam is light green in color and made from coconut. You can take a jar of Kaya jam in every grocery shop. Also, you can add Kaya truffles to your Singapore souvenirs and put them in your check-in luggage.


Luxurious T. W. J. Tea

Luxurious T. W. J. Tea Made in the 19th Century and Available in Dedicated Shops Across the Country

TWG Tea is a world-famous tea brand and one of the luxurious Singapore gifts. There are many stores of this tea in Singapore, a few of which are available at Changi Airport. This tea comes in attractive packages with exciting flavors. Other products, such as cookies and colorful macaroons with tea essence, beautiful cups and exquisite handmade teapots made of gold, silver and platinum, are also sold in this tea shop.


Durian Dried Merchandise

Food Singapore Gifts - Durian Dried Merchandise Only Suitable as Cookies

Durian is a fruit known for its pungent and bad smell, but it also has its lovers. Carrying this fruit on a trip may cause discomfort to your fellow travelers or customs officials due to its pungent smell. Then make to choose durian cookies and other related products as Singapore souvenirs. Durian cookies, durian coffee, and durian cream biscuits are among the various products you can buy with this essential oil and take souvenirs for those unfamiliar with its taste and aroma.


Tiger Balm Products

Tiger Balm Products and Balms - Singapore Souvenirs for Health Reasons

Tiger Balm is an ointment used to relieve pain. Today, the Tiger brand is known as one of the biggest brands in Singapore and one of the unique Singapore gifts, especially for older friends. The classic packaging of this ointment is red and white, and new and diverse products can be seen in stores, which are offered in varied and colorful packaging.


Orchid Flower Creations and Cologne

Orchid Flower Creations and Cologne, the Orchid is the Symbol of Singapore

The orchid is known as the national flower of Singapore. You will see many Singapore gifts and handicraft shops. Ornaments such as earrings and pendants with natural orchid flowers framed in them are small yet impressive souvenirs of this category. Among other orchid flower souvenirs, you can take its cologne with you too.


Peranakan Plates and Pottery

Beautiful Cultural Peranakan Plates and Pottery Made with Pretty Colors and Quality Materials

Singapore’s Peranakan community offers souvenirs with unique designs, From impressive fabric patterns to kitchen utensils. You can buy these attractive fabrics in shirts, men’s t-shirts, bags and wallets. Peranakan hand-embroidered slippers are a unique souvenir of this category for shoe collectors. Use Peranakan products with good water and color if you can safely carry earthenware. These Singapore gifts are available in all souvenir shops, but you can also visit the Peranakan Museum store.


Singapore BBQ Pork Jerky

Singapore BBQ pork jerky or Bak Kwa - Food Singapore Souvenirs

Singapore BBQ pork jerky or sliced meat, marinated in sugar and grilled over charcoal, are popular local snacks among Singaporeans, introduced by early Chinese settlers. These are easily sourced from night markets, malls, or almost any major convenient stores around the city.

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