10 Best Bars in Tbilisi Georgia

10 Best Bars in Tbilisi Georgia

10 Best Bars in Tbilisi, Georgia

This article explores 10 Best Bars in Tbilisi, Georgia which is beneficial for tourists who want to have a good time in Tbilisi bars. In Georgia, people love to eat, drink and go out with their friends on both weekdays and weekends. Therefore, this city has many bars, cafés as well as restaurants. These institutions welcome foreign tourists and offer a wide age of local and international alcoholic drinks.


1. 41 Gradus A Cocktail Pub Near Freedom Square

What To Do in Georgia - 41 Gradus is One of Tbilisi bars For Younger Generations

41 Gradus is one of the famous bars in Tbilisi known for its unique cocktail factory. They even sell their cocktails in bottle format so you can take them home or outside. This pub is a hidden spot in the center of the old city with a modern interior, cozy atmosphere, and very good bartenders. It is one of Tbilisi’s bars that mostly younger generations would like to go to. Here you can just name any kind of cocktail, and you’ll receive a refreshing drink. You can find them at 19 Galaktion Tabidze St, very close to Freedom Square.


2. Bauhaus

10 Best Bars in Tbilisi Georgia - Bauhaus A Place To Get The Local Drink Known As Chacha

This bar is in Dedaena Park. This open bar is the best place to have a drink in the evenings. Bauhaus is a budget-friendly bar that serves cocktails, local draft beer, as well as famous local drink “chacha.” Also, with your drink, you can order cheese sticks, sandwiches, and soups. They don’t provide any menu, but waiters will inform you what they offer that day. Sometimes, they organize some events like live music, movie screening, and barbeque gatherings.
*Update: Currently, this bar is not operational.


3. Carpe Diem cafe bar

10 Best Bars in Tbilisi Georgia - Carpe Diem cafe bar Has An Eye-catching Interior

This is one of those hip bars in Tbilisi, which is in the center of the old city. This place has an eye-catching interior. Also, they serve very delicious chocolate fondant for dessert. If you want to have a view of this city, sit at the tables outside.


4. Black Dog Bar A Brewery Near Botanical Garden Waterfall

Travel Guide Georgia - Black Dog Bar is One of Few Pet-Friendly Tbilisi bars

Opened in 2016, Black Dog Bar is one of few pet-friendly Tbilisi bars and breweries. Also, it’s one of the few smoke-free bars in that area. This bar serves craft beer, cocktails, and exotic meals and has live reggae, rock, and jazz music on some evenings. They start serving drinks from 2 in the afternoon until 1 or 2 in the morning. Their current location is at 33 Lado Asatiani St, which is accessible by most of the local bus companies. Also, this institution is very close to the Botanical Garden Waterfall, where you can enjoy the pristine nature of Georgia.


5. Dive Bar

10 Best Bars in Tbilisi Georgia - Dive Bar is A Place Where Bartender Speak Fluent English And It Is Very Cheap

You can meet many expats in Dive. This bar is quite a good place to have fun in the evening with your friends or fellow travelers. People are sociable. Everyone is so friendly and lovely. This bar is very cheap, and the bartenders all speak fluent English. Also, you can enjoy playing beer bong in this bar on some evenings.
*Update: Currently, this bar is not available to serve drinks.


6. Warszawa

What to Do in Europe - Warszawa A Budget-Friendly Place For Drinking

Warszawa is at Freedom Square. This bar is another budget-friendly bar for a drink and is very popular with the locals. Its walls are designed with old Polish & Georgian newspapers, giving this place vintage touch. The menu for food and drink is very cheap but limited. They serve vodka, beer, chacha, and wine, as well as non-alcoholic drinks. As one of the afternoon bars in Tbilisi, you need to arrive around noon time because they only serve drinks until 4 in the afternoon.


7. Generator 9.8

10 Best Bars in Tbilisi Georgia - Generator 9.8 is Located Near Shota Rustaveli Avenue

This bar is near Shota Rustaveli Avenue. They have some kind of cultural activity like live music and games almost daily. They have exceptional service, and it’s a wonderful place to feel comfortable at first when you get inside.
*Update: Generator 9.8 is no longer operational.


8. Rooms Hotel Bar

Europe Travel Tips - Rooms Hotel Bar is A stylish And Relaxing Place to Drink

You can try the bar at Rooms Hotel in Tbilisi for a classier evening. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating possibilities, with many different kinds of food and drinks. The bar is stylish and has a relaxed feel and friendly atmosphere. Therefore, if you are looking for some of the more private bars in Tbilisi where you have a better view of the city, this hotel bar is for you.


9. Meoba Bar is Located Near Art Palace

Europe Travel Tips - Meoba Bar Offers Cozy Atmosphere Where You Can Make New Friends

This bar has great music and drinks, a cozy atmosphere, friendly staff as well as delicious vegetarian options at reasonable prices. It’s the best place to make new friends, have a dance, and enjoy your night out. Meoba Bar’s menu includes beer, rum, whiskey, tequila, and cocktails. Their prices start from 9 Lari all the way to 30 plus Lari for more elaborate cocktails. Also, it is good to know that you need to pay, at the moment, about %18 in taxes on your drinks bill. Still, their prices are very reasonable overall, and it is considered one of the most budget-friendly bars in Tbilisi. You can currently find them near Art Palace at 4 Constitution St.


10. Drunk Owl Bar

Georgia Travel Tips - Drunk Owl Bar is One of Tbilisi bars That Offers Variety of Drinks and Cocktails

Drunk Owl Bar is one of the main bars in Tbilisi that you can try. This bar is near the old town and is a fun place to start your evening if you are on a budget and proceed to a club afterward. They offer a variety of drinks and cocktails as well as live music on Fridays and weekends, creating a relaxed atmosphere for you to have a drink there. It is just a short distance away from Narikala Fortress.

If you are exploring this country for its bars, you should also check out the bars in Batumi. This is another city in Georgia that is very quiet, and you can have a great time and make many local friends. These pubs offer both local draft beer as well as international imports.


Finding Cool Tbilisi Bars

Generally, most cool Tbilisi bars are along the bank of Mtkvari River. The rest of them are scattered near the National Botanical Garden area along Amaghleba Street. Transportation is not an issue as there are frequent buses that pass by or have stops very close to the bars mentioned here.

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