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Top Bars in Batumi



Top Bars in Batumi

Top Bars in Batumi

Nightlife in Batumi is not something that is famous throughout the world. However, you can still find some top bars in Batumi that offer great drinks as well as fantastic view of the city. This is a busy city in the Adjara region of Georgia. It offers many cafés, bars, restaurants as well as clubs. This place is small, however, there are a lot of fun activities. Here are some of the best bars in town to have fun in them.


Jasmine Lounge Bar

Nightlife in Batumi - Jasmine Lounge Bar is Located At Sheraton Batumi Hotel

Jasmine Lounge Bar is one of top bars in Batumi. Here is located in the middle of Batumi Boulevard near to the outdoor swimming pool of the Sheraton Batumi hotel. Also, Jasmine Lounge Bar is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and a nice swimming pool.


360 Sky Bar

Top Bars in Batumi - 360 Sky Bar is Near Rustaveli Ave in Sheraton Hotel

360 Sky Bar is the only Hotel Bar and Restaurant offering a 360-degree panorama view of the city. You can find this sky bar near Rustaveli Ave in Sheraton Hotel. It is one of best bars in Batumi which is located on the 20th floor of this hotel.


Nephele Sky Bar

Nightlife in Batumi - Nephele Sky Bar Offer A Wide Range of Georgian Wine

Nephele Sky Bar is one of few stylish bars in Batumi with spacious outdoor terrace. This is an ideal place to enjoy the best drinks in this city. Also, they offer a wide range of Georgian as well as international wines, champagnes and spirits here. If you are looking for a wonderful nightlife in Batumi, Nephele Sky Bar is the place to dance into the night to some of the coolest music by the Black Sea.



Travel Guide Georgia - Conte is Located Zviad Gamsakhurdia St Offering Great Atmosphere

This spot is in a great location with great atmosphere where you should try their home made delicious wine. If you want to have a nice nightlife in Batumi, then head to Zviad Gamsakhurdia St to find Conte bar. This is a good place for hang out with a friends.


Hookah Bar “Po-krasote”

Travel Guide Georgia - “Po-krasote” is Located Near Mameda Abashidze Area

You will find Hookah Bar “Po-krasote” near Mameda Abashidze area. There are not many places to have shisha in Batumi, however, this place provides acceptable shisha experience to tourists. It’s probably the best bars in Batumi to try very good hookah (Nargile) as well as tasty milkshakes. The staff are really fantastic sociable too.

Also, you should try to visit one of top 10 cafes in Batumi Georgia. These cafes provide high quality coffee experience and offer great tasting pastries to go along with it.

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