Best Places to Eat Desserts in Istanbul

Best Places to Eat Desserts in Istanbul

Top Shops for Desserts in Istanbul

Istanbul desserts generally include baklava, helva, kunefe, and many more unique sweets. To visit the best places to eat desserts in Istanbul, you should check out the list below. Moreover, Istanbul dessert scene has many Turkish classics, like Turkish delights, as well as other excellent international favorites. Here are the best places for dessert in the city for you to try on some desserts.



Profiterole from Nazar Pastanesi

Best Places to Eat Desserts in Istanbul - Profiterole From Nazar Humble Shop

This very humble shop might not look special when you see it first; however, once you walk into the view of the little éclair and the house’s favorite profiterole, it will make you really happy. This shop has one of the best profiterole desserts in Istanbul, which are cream puffs and glazed with some chocolate sauce. Nazar Pastanesi is in the Feriköy neighborhood on Kurtuluş street.


Orange Baklava from Konyalı Pastanesi

Best Places to Eat Desserts in Istanbul - Orange Baklava from Konyalı Pastanesi

At this branch of the restaurant, everything is about dessert. The most famous option here is the baklava with orange, which you won’t get anywhere else. You can find this dessert shop in Eminönü Merkez area of Istanbul.

Also, as a tourist, you can visit other cities in Turkey, such as Kayseri, and its top places to eat in Kayseri, as well as enjoy its beautiful cuisine and its delicious food.


Badem Ezmesi from Meşhur Bebek Badem Ezmesi

Istanbul Desserts Guide - Badem Ezmesi from Meşhur Bebek Badem Ezmesi

Badem ezmesi is a thick almond paste, and this famous family-run shop sells the highest quality of this dessert. Also, the pistachio paste is another favorite here. The pistachio flavor is quite strong among other shops selling desserts in Istanbul, and you can find this shop in the Bebek neighborhood along Cevdet Paşa Street.


Dondurmalı İrmik Helvası from Hünkar

Istanbul Desserts Guide - Dondurmalı İrmik Helvası from Hünkar With Ice Cream On top

Helva is a very important member of the Turkish dessert family, and Hünkar offers the İrmik Helvasi, which has a scoop of ice cream inside. It is advised to try this helva dessert at least once without any tea or coffee, even though it is sweet in nature, as it is one of the most delicious desserts in Istanbul. This is a very famous store located in the Şişli neighborhood on Mim Kemal Öke street.


Kuru Baklava from Bilgeoğlu

Istanbul Desserts Guide - Kuru Baklava from Bilgeoğlu Uses Highest Quality Butter

Baklava in Istanbul is in abundance; however, not all of them are of the nicest taste. This shop uses the highest quality butter in their desserts. Therefore, you can be sure that their kuru baklava, which is pistachio baklava, is always fantastic. Bilgeoğlu baklava shop is located on Bahariye Caddesi very close to Bahariye tram stop. It is good to know that these desserts are generally expensive, and only good to buy a few of them and take them as souvenirs or have them with tea.


Muhallebi from Göreme

Turkey Food Guide - Muhallebi from Göreme is One of Best Places to try This Milky Dessert

Muhallebi is a thick pudding flavored with mastic. It’s also usually topped with cinnamon, and you need to eat it cold. Göreme Muhallebicisi is one of the best places to try out this milky dessert. The Göreme Muhallebicisi has been serving this creamy goodness for decades, and the recipe has been passed down through generations. This dessert shop is located in the Feriköy neighborhood on Kurtuluş street, which you can reach from the Osmanbey Metro Station.


Mille-Feuille from Pelit Pastanesi

Turkey Food Guide - Mille-Feuille from Pelit Pastanesi is One of The Most Loved in The City

The Mille-feuille here is one of the most loved and famous in the city. This French pastry consists of very thin layers of puff pastry, with pastry cream in between and powdered sugar on top. Pelit Pastanesi is actually a good shop for those looking to have French dessert in Istanbul, as this is what they have experience in making. There are other cakes here which are very pretty and delicious. So, make sure not to miss this shop, which has branches in Şişli, Ümraniye, and Vadistanbul areas.

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