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Top Attractions in Dalyan



Top attractions in Dalyan

Top Attractions in Dalyan

Dalyan is a small village in an area of ​​fantastic natural beauty, historic and difficult to forget. Moreover, to see the attractions in Dalyan you need to be ready to travel. This city located in the southwest corner of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. Here is a small village surrounded by pine hills, cotton fields as well as miles of untouched beach. Also, it is a small traditional fishing village by the river near Lake Köycegiz and close to the mesmerizing stone tombs carved 2,500 years ago on the local cliffs.




Top Attractions in Dalyan - Kaunos Was Founded in The Ninth Century BC

Kaunos (or Caunus) was founded in the ninth century BC and was a crucial Carian city until 400 BC. Furthermore, near the border with Lycia, both aspects of that empire is obvious in its culture.


Since you are in Turkey, you might want to visit other attractions n other cities and enjoy what they have to offer. Here you can get some in formation on the eateries and Top Budget Places to Eat in Konya which is a beautiful and religious city in Turkey.


Kings’ Tombs

Top Attractions in Dalyan - Kings' Tombs is Located Along the Dalyan River

The famous Dalyan Lycian-style tombs are carved on the rocks along the Dalyan River. Walking south from the city along the Maraş Caddesi to the western end of Kaunos Sokak you can get a good view of the Carian tombs.


İztuzu Beach

Top Attractions in Dalyan - İztuzu Beach is One of The Best Mediterranean Turtle Sites

A superb swimming beach, the İztuzu meaning Turtle beach is one of the best Mediterranean turtle sites and has strict rules to protect it. This beach is 4.5 kilometer of sand strip and it is 10 kilometers south of Dalyan. Also, it is accessible by road and the Dalyan River.

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