10 of the Best Cafés in Paris

10 of the Best Cafés in Paris

A List For Best Cafes in Paris

Tourists normally like to visit a Parisian café to enjoy good coffee. Therefore, here is a list of 10 of the best cafes in Paris that offer a great experience at very reasonable prices. Paris is very famous for its café crème and thick espresso. However, in recent years it has been known to be a coffee capital. With the help of local coffee shops at every corner of the city, Paris is a place for coffee lovers. However, this French capital always brings the best of the coffee you are having. Therefore, get your cup of coffee and enjoy the environment. You can find some of the best bars here the next time you visit Paris.


1. Breizh Café Good for Crêpes

Parisian Café - Breizh Café focuses on Crepe

Breizh Café is the best cafes in Parisa for Crêpe lovers. This Paris cafeteria puts a lot of effort into making great crepes. They also have other products, such as jam, coffee, and wine, in some of their stores. Make sure to have a crepe here with some coffee in this Parisian Café. You can customize your crepe the way you like it from their massive menu.


2. Ten Belles at Bréguet

Best Cafes in Paris - Ten Belles is A Paris Cafeteria Shop Favorite Among Locals

Ten Belles was one of Paris’s main specialty coffee houses. Up to now, it continues to deliver high-quality roasted coffee to customers making it the best cafe in Paris for quality coffee. However, because the store is small in size, they mostly do takeaway business. In this store, you will see regular customers, tourists as well as coffee lovers. This Paris cafeteria shop is a favorite among the locals, so they get café clothing, mugs, reusable cups, and thermoses. Also, make sure to try the bread and pastries of this magnificent Parisian café.


3. Holybelly near Jacques Bonsergent Station

Best Cafes in Paris - Holybelly is a Paris Cafeteria Shop to Grab A London Fog

High-quality coffee is the main feature of this coffee shop. However, it’s also the Paris cafeteria shop to grab a London Fog, which is Earl Grey tea with milk. Also, you get one of the best brunches in town here. However, there will be queues outside, so you should be patient. The crowd here is casual & laid back. There are fun people at the weekends, so make sure to visit this place. You can find Holybelly at 5 Rue Lucien Sampaix near Jacques Bonsergent station.


4. O Coffee With a Large Dessert Menu

Best Cafes in Paris - O Coffee is Good to Have Flat Whites, Noisettes And Capps

O Coffee is actually the best cafe in Paris for desserts. This Paris cafeteria shop is slightly far inside the residential area. The interior is wooden with marble tabletops as well as turquoise color walls. Their favorite coffees among the locals are flat whites, noisettes, and caps. The O Coffee location is at 23 Rue de Lourmel, accessible from the Dupleix subway station.


5. Le Peloton Café at Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe

Best Cafes in Paris - Le Peloton Café Offers Great Waffles And is About Coffee & Cycling

Le Peloton Café coffee house, at 17 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, has 2 things on mind: coffee & cycling. The seats and stools are limited, so make sure to drink your coffee and head out to roam for others. Le Peloton Café offers espresso, flat whites, and drip coffee, as well as a menu mainly for sweet treats, such as croissants and waffles that come with a side of jam.


6. Matamata Coffee near Place des Victoires

Parisian Café - Matamata Coffee Offers high Grade Coffee And Good Vibes

Matamata Coffee shop is in the heart of the 2nd arrondissement, at 58 Rue d’Argout near Place des Victoires landmark. There are a few seats upstairs and a communal table downstairs, and very good vibes the moment you enter. The simple, high-grade coffee is served by people who only want to share their love for coffee with you.


7. Honor

Parisian Café - Honor is Paris Cafeteria Located Near the Comme des Garçons

Honor Café is the best cafe in Paris for young travelers. It is an outdoor shop near the Comme des Garçons boutique and museum. The crowds are mostly staff of nearby embassies and fashion stores, as well as roaming tourists. This place is perfect for a sunny day hangout. Also, when it’s raining, you can have warm coffee inside.
*Update: This café is no longer open.


8. République of Coffee near République Square

Best Cafes in Paris - République of Coffee is Located Behind Place de la République

This café is a perfect meeting spot since it’s behind Place de la République. Surprisingly, you can see many trendy clients who come for Mexican food. The menu is a mixture of Mexican dishes like burritos, tacos as well as huevos rancheros. Also, they offer vegan options if you ask them.


9. Terres De Café With Branches Along Seine River

Parisian Café - Terres De Café is A Paris Cafeteria With Very Good Baristas And Good Coffee

At first, this tiny café only seems just having an espresso on the go. But it’s worth enjoying a latte with coffee lovers, baristas, and consumers. If you like flat whites, consider Terres De Café at the top of your list. The baristas do their job properly: Each coffee is delicious, and the ratio of everything is just right in this Parisian café. Newer branches are available under this name, mostly along the Seine River.


10. Café de Flore close to Saint-Germain-des-Prés Subway

Parisian Café - Café de Flore is The Most Iconic Parisian Café in The City Offering Great Coffee Experience

Café de Flore is probably the best cafe in Paris and the most iconic Parisian café in the city. Also, it is one of the best cafes in Paris for offering a premium coffee experience as well as a great city view. You can probably see Café de Flore appearing in a few domestic and international movies. When in Café de Flore, make sure to order the croissant, which tastes very delicious. This coffee house is closest to Saint-Germain-des-Prés subway station.

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Some info Regarding Parisian Café Experience

The first thing to consider before you enter any Parisian café is that the waiters are not considered impolite, and the more friendly you are to them, the better service you will receive. It is good to know some simple French phrases to make your drink order go smoothly. The only thing that you should know above all is that do not address the water as Garcon, as this is considered a belittling phrase. Just say “excusez-moi” if you need anything or “l’addition” for the receipt or the check.

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