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Fantastic Restaurants in Spruce Grove



Fantastic Restaurants in Spruce Grove

Best Restaurants in Spruce Grove

This post takes a look at restaurants in Spruce Grove which is a small city in Alberta province. This city is a trade center with a reasonable number of immigrants from all over the globe. With them. they have brought their cuisines to this city in Canada, adding to the culture here.

Another close city is Red Deer which has fantastic food culture. In fact, restaurants in Red Deer often have more diversity of flavors compared to the ones in bigger cities of Alberta. therefore, make sure to check them out if you happen to come across Red Deer or you are living there.


Bing’s Family Restaurant a Chinese Eatery

Bing’s Family Restaurant Started in 1975 As A Family Business - Fantastic Restaurants in Spruce Grove

Bing’s Family Restaurant has been serving Spruce Grove and all surrounding communities great Chinese food for more than 4 decades. Started in 1975 as a family business, Bing’s Family Restaurant has been delivering flavorful Chinese cuisine using the freshest of ingredient all inside their indoor kitchen. Over the years, they have managed to modify their dishes to suit the locals’ taste while retaining the authenticity. Furthermore, if you require any any dietary request, they can make it happen like making the meals vegan or vegetarian. They are currently locate at 21 Westway Road.


Great 7 Pizza Located on Pioneer Road

Great 7 Pizza is Located At 250 Pioneer Road With Numerous Toppings & Flavors - Alberta Food Guide

When it comes to having options for your pizza of choice, there are few pizza restaurants in Spruce Grove where most of these options are just done perfectly. For that mater, Great 7 Pizza has managed to do such a thing, making great pizzas with numerous toppings and flavors. he good thing about here is that they do not shy away from putting adequate toppings while keeping their prices very reasonable. Also, there are side meals like samosa, spring rolls, and chicken wings and many more available for you to order here. You can find Great 7 Pizza at 250 Pioneer Road but it is best to order your food online.


It’ Sushi inside The Nelson Centre

Fantastic Restaurants in Spruce Grove - It' Sushi is Located Inside the Nelson Centre Shopping Mall

Located inside the Nelson Centre Shopping Mall, It’ Sushi has been offering great Asian fusion cuisines since 2015. They are, in fact, one o the most authentic sushi restaurants in Spruce Grove. Here, you can order mostly Japanese seafood meals but thee are some Korean dishes available too. The Japanese menu includes selections such as Poke(raw fish) salads, sushi rolls, sashimi, noodles, hot plates, bento, and tempura.

On the other hand, the Korean menu is more modest with few selections like Bulgogi, Bibimbab, Kalbi and grass noodles. In addition to these 2 menus, there are separate ones for people on vegan and vegetarian diets. Interestingly, they also have a dedicated menu just for those who love fried chicken. These fried chicken pieces are reasonably priced and come in many flavors like money mustard, sweet chili and soy garlic.


Sam’s 2 for 1 Pizza & Pasta in Spruce Rdige

Fantastic Restaurants in Spruce Grove - Sam's 2 for 1 Pizza & Pasta Sells Donairs As Well And Has Been in Business For Over A Decade

This pizzeria has been in business for over a decade, serving freshly made pizza pies to Stony Plain and Parkland Village communities. The owner and the cooks working here, all have many years of experience working in this industry, resulting in delivering delicious pizzas and donairs. It is good to know that all the pizza doughs as well as sauces are made in-house using fresh spices and ingredients. Nothing here is stale and all the menu items are cooked right on the spot.

As it is in their shop’s name, if you select a pizza from their special menu, you can have another pizza, with the same size, without any additional costs. This offer applies to other dishes like pastas, wings and their famous subs. Also, the menu choices are extensive here and there are lots of delicious desserts to choose from as well like ice creams, cinnamon puffs and milkshakes.


Mucho Burrito Fresh Mexican Grill for Mexican Food

Mucho Burrito Fresh Mexican Grill Uses High Quality Spices & Meat - Fantastic Restaurants in Spruce Grove

Perhaps one of the best restaurants in Spruce Grove for having fresh Mexican food. All the ingredients used here are free of artificial preservatives and fake spices. In fact, even the meal is of high quality including their poultry. For that matter, they only use grain-fed chicken as well as AAA Canadian beef to make their food. In here, you have the ability to choose what ingredients go into your food of choice like tacos and quesadillas. All the menu items are prepared with fresh ingredients topped with genuine Mexican spices. If you want to dine in a modern and made-to-order Mexican food then head to 141 Century Crossing Road to find Mucho Burrito restaurant near the Lakewood park.


Swiss Chalet Known for Rotisserie Chicken

Alberta Food Guide - Swiss Chalet is Very Famous For its Rotisserie Chicken & Ribs

Swiss Chalet is a small local favorite for rotisserie chicken. For a family gathering or even reunions, there is no other suitable restaurants in Spruce Grove than Swiss Chalet restaurant. The star of the menu is the rotisserie chicken here, but you can still order ribs, wings, fish & chips and lots of delicious desserts too. You can currently find them at Creekside Centre Shopping mall. The location makes it suitable for hungry shoppers to enjoy amazing comfort food at affordable prices in a humble setting.


Something Else Restaurant a Greek Restaurant

Something Else Restaurant is A is A Family Run Greek Restaurant Started in 2001- Fantastic Restaurants in Spruce Grove

As one of the best Greek restaurants in Spruce Grove, Something Else Restaurant offers very good quality Greek dishes at affordable prices. This is a family run business that started in 2001. The environment here is very soothing and the staff always attend to customers’ needs without any misbehaving. Some of the food you can get here include steaks, Greek salads and Saganaki.


El Taco Loco Offering Sinaloa Street Food

Alberta Food Guide - El Taco Loco Offers Exciting & Unique Mexican Dishes

There is no shortage of Mexican restaurants in Spruce Grove, but if you want a restaurant that amazes you with food each time you visit them, then El Taco Loco is for you. The menu is made out of simple offerings similar to what you can get on Sinaloa Street food scene. The interior of this restaurant is very unique, the staff are incredibly friendly and the food is truly authentic. They are currently located at 307 McLeod Avenue, very close to Grove Plaza.

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