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Top 5 Hong Kong’s Attractions



Top 5 Hong Kong's Attractions

Best of Hong Kong Attractions

There are many Hong Kong tourist spots offering great view of this magnificent place in Asia. This article explains the Hong Kong attractions to travelers and new comers. This beautiful and lush Asian island with its very small area has a large population has continued to grow in height. Because at the level there is no place for the city to expand and grow, and therefore you will see many skyscrapers in Hong Kong.



Ocean Park Theme Park with an Aquarium

Top 5 Hong Kong's Attractions - Ocean Park is An Amusement Park With An Aquarium

You can find the Ocean Park in the south of the Island by the sea. The location is on a hill with a beautiful view of the city from above. Ocean Par is one of the most popular Hong Kong attractions for locals and foreigners. You should take a full day to explore the Ocean Collection. They include various sections such as an aquarium, zoo, amusement park, cable car and mammal park.

The aquarium is famous as the largest dome aquarium in the world. It is where you can stand and watch the fish floating above you. If you want to experience the excitement, be sure to take a long distance ride in the park with the amusement train. Also, you can use other exciting play equipment to experience a happy and exciting day.


Dai Pai Dongs Night Food Market

Asia Travel Guide - Dai Pai Dongs is The Place to Find Cheap Seafood in The City

Dai Pai Dongs are street side food stalls that are less famous among Hong Kong attractions. In here, you can find delicious noodle and rice dishes, as well as seafood. These location are amazing places for getting cheap food. These stalls are not as prevalent as before, however, you can find them in some part of the city.


Victoria Peak The Highest Hill in Hong Kong

Top 5 Hong Kong's Attractions - Victoria Peak is The Highest Point in All of The City

Victoria Peak is the highest point in all of Hong Kong attractions. If you want to see to the top of the towers, you can use Victoria Peak electric wagons to reach the top of the hill. The spectacular view of the skyscrapers here are something to very memorable. In here, you feel like the whole city is under your feet. Make sure to visit here in sunny days.


Ngong Ping 360 Aerial Lift on Lantau Island

Asia Travel Guide - Ngong Ping 360 Passes From South China Sea Onto Lantau Island

Hong Kong just looks better when you are looking at it from some height above the sea level. In fact, Ngong Ping Cable Car confirms this notion by giving tourist amazing view from the island. This cable car operates between the town on Tung Chung and the themed village of Ngong Ping halfway up a Lantau Peak. It provides a beautiful view over many Hong Kong tourist spots passing on top of South China Sea and onto the lush greenery of Lantau Island.


Festival Walk Shopping Mall in Kowloon Tong

Asia Mall Guide - Festival Walk Houses More Than 200 Retail Shops And A Skate Ring

Hong Kong has no shortage of great shopping. However, with the availability of numerous local markets, it is slihtly difficult to visit normal shopping malls here. Festival Walk is a mall here that houses more than 200 retail shops and restaurants. Also, there is a skating rink on the top floor, a movie theater as well as easy connections to the city’s light-rail systems.


Hong Kong Disneyland for Families

Hong Kong Tourist Spots - Hong Kong Disneyland Offers Adventure Land And Fantasy Land

Hong Kong Disneyland is the largest theme park and another of main Hong Kong Attractions. However, in terms of size, it is the smallest Disney park in the world. The actors in the park speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin, and like the actors in other Disney parks, they are extremely friendly. The collection includes seven subject areas, some of which are called Main Street, USA, Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land and Story Land.


Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island

Hong Kong Tourist Spots - Tian Tan Buddha is A 34-meter Buddhist Statue

Tian Tan Buddha or Big buddha Hong Kong is a 34-meter statue located on the Lantau Island. The island was a lesser-known place before the statue was built in 1993. The statue of the Big buddha Hong Kong is said to be the largest statue of its kind in the world, taking about 12 years to build. It is one of few religious and holistic Hong Kong tourist spots you can find on the island.


Hong Kong Jockey Club Happy Valley Racecourse

Hong Kong Tourist Spots - Hong Kong Jockey Club Happy Valley Racecourse

Jockey Club Happy Valley Racecourse is suitable for watching horse races. The entire feel of this horse race track is just massive because if its skyscraper surroundings. The horses are cheered on by a vocal crowd of thousands of local and international fans.

If you are traveling to this island on a a tight budget, makes sure to read Hong Kong travel guide for tourists. This guide gives extensive information on where to eat and what to do if you do not want to spend a lot of money during your stay here.

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