This article introduces to some the best St Petersburg hotels for you to relax in. These hotels are available in key areas and tourist friendly locations of the city. City of St. Petersburg known as the northern capital of Russia. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations, especially in summer, with many tourists flocking to the city to see “bright nights.” The good news is that in recent years, hotels as well as various guest houses have opened to accommodate travelers and have expanded their accommodation.

After the summer season, the number of travelers decreases sharply and hotel prices fall by half. If the cold is not an issue for you, you can travel to the city in less touristy seasons and save a lot of money. The city is both quieter in autumn and winter and you can enjoy the beautiful autumn and winter nature. Here are some accommodation in this city:


Oktiabrskaya Hotel in Biznes Tsentr Oktyabr’skaya

The Best St Petersburg Hotels - Oktiabrskaya Hotel Has Opened its Doors in Year 1851

The Oktyaberskaya Hotel, with two large buildings and several hundred rooms, is one of the oldest St Petersburg hotels, opened in Year 1851. However, unlike other old hotels with a royal look, is reasonably priced. If you’re looking for a place that has no extra services and is better than a hostel (for example, with a private bathroom), this is the perfect place to start.

The hotel also has a hairdresser, a tour desk, a currency exchange as well as a restaurant. Another advantage of the hotel is that it is in front of the Moskovsky railway station and has good access to the Moscow Metro and other transportation systems. At the other end of the street is Nevsky Prospekt, which makes it easy to access shopping malls and sightseeing sites.


Anabel Holiday Apartment near Nevsky Prospekt Street

The Best St Petersburg Hotels - Anabel is Overlooking Nevsky Prospekt Street

Annabel is not a big hotel and looks more like part of a five mini-hotels system. Each section has a reception and is housed in a large old building overlooking Nevsky Prospekt Street. This hotel is only 5 minutes away from Moskovsky railway station and It’s a good place if you are traveling between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Coffee and tea is available free of charge at all hours and other amenities including free Wi-Fi and air conditioning are also provided. There are various apartment rooms of varying quality and at an average price, clean, comfortable and cozy.


3MostA Hotel near Moyka River

Travel Guide Russia - 3MostA Hotel is One of Handful of Boutique Residencies

3MostA means “three bridges” and it is one of handful of boutique St Petersburg hotels. Yu can find it  near three bridges on the Griboyedov Canal and the Moyka River, and has a magnificent view. The streets around this hotel on one way reach to the Palace Square, the Winter Palace as well as the Hermitage Museum. From the other side to the Church of the Savior on Blood (The blue dome of the church can be seen from the spacious living room, from the rooftop balcony and upstairs restaurant). The hotel offers all the luxurious amenities at a very low price.

If you are interested to visit more hotel options in other cities like Moscow, you can check out Cheap and Luxury hotels in Moscow for having more choices to where it is more suitable place to stay.


Astoria & Angleterre near St. Isaac’s Square

The Best St Petersburg Hotels - Astoria & Angleterre Hotels Are Located in Saint Isaac's Square

These two St Petersburg Hotels are located side by side with different luxury amenities in St. Isaac’s Square. Both hotels have spacious rooms and stunning views of St. Isaac’s Church with its beautiful golden dome at 333 meters high. While the exterior of the two hotels look alike, the Angleterre Hotel is more of a business class residency. Also, it is the cheaper one of the two. The hotel is accommodating guests since 1840. In hotel’s neighborhood, the Astoria Hotel, is a luxurious 100-year-old hotel, more suitable to the wealthy visitors.