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Top Zoos in Pretoria & its Vicinity



Top Zoos in Pretoria & its Vicinity

Best Zoos in Pretoria

Pretoria is a beautiful city which is surrounded by terrace gardens, parks and amazing zoos in Pretoria are indicative of such statement. Other than animal habitats, this city has natural reserves and zoological gardens as well. The beauty of this city is a product of its well-planned city structure as well as its geographical location. The Apies River stretches through the western part of the city and on the east, you can find Magaliesberg mountain range.

Pretoria is a fantastic location to visit while travelling South Africa. This city can be found in the eastern part of South Africa, in the province of Gauteng. Moreover, this city has been the capital of the South African Union since 1931.

Also, if you want to enjoy a pleasant evening out after visiting these zoos in Pretoria, then it is best to move to the eastern part of the city. Here you will find a large collection of nice cafes, good restaurants, attractive shops and various lively nightlife that are open long. Eastern Pretoria consists of a lot of new neighborhoods and you would therefore think that this part of the city is less attractive for nature lovers, but that is not really the case. Also, in the newest neighborhoods of eastern Pretoria you can find beautiful avenues, large parks and lots of greenery.


National Zoological Gardens of South Africa

Top Zoos in Pretoria & its Vicinity - National Zoological Gardens of South Africa is Near Bloed Street Shopping Centre and Piernnef Museum

Located on the shoes of Apies Rive, National Zoological Gardens of South Africa is very close to city’s landmarks such as Bloed Street Shopping Centre and Piernnef Museum. The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa is one of the largest zoos in Pretoria and even in the entire country. The land of this zoo covers a 85-hectare area.

Also, there are thousands of different species such as mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians living together here. The reputation of this zoo speaks for its self as it is one of the top zoos in the world where you can walk for almost 6km and still not finish all of its attractions. If you love to see exotic trees and unique marine life, you rally need to give this zoo a try.

National Zoological Gardens ticket prices are about R165 for adults and the operation hours are from 9 in the morning  to 17:30 in the evening.


Kinderplaas Zoo Best for Children

Top Zoos in Pretoria & its Vicinity - Kinderplaas Zoo is A Place For Kids

The Kinderplaas Zoo is not a place with modern exhibitions but it is just a place for kids to get to know mostly farm animals and having some fun times in there playing games. This small zoo is very close to National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, located inside the Rietfontein suburb.

By paying a small fee you can bring your children here and have them play with rabbits, chickens, turtles. Afterwards, there is a feeding session that teaches children what food these farm animals eat and how to feed them. You monetary support here will allow animals to be taken care of better and also you contribute to the local community.


Lory Park Zoo A Family-Friendly Place

Lory Park Zoo is Located in the City of Midrand- Top Zoos in Pretoria & its Vicinity

Lory Park is one of zoos in Pretoria’s neighboring city of Midrand. This zoo is actually not very far away and you can drive for 35 minutes to get there. This zoo is not that old, in fact, they opened the zoo doors to visitors in year 2000. The animals in this zoo include birds, big cats, reptiles and some indigenous mammals.

Also, this zoo is very family-friendly. There are benches set up in their picnic area. You can have some food and enjoy some quality time with your family there.  Out of all the aforementioned zoos, Lory Park entrance fee is more expensive at around R300. However, the reception experience is better here and you will be properly entertained.

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