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The Best Restaurants in Mossel Bay



The Best Restaurants in Mossel Bay

Top Restaurants in Mossel Bay

Located in Western Cape of South Africa, this article introduces travelers to the restaurants in Mossel Bay, the amazing harbor town near the Santos Beach. This is a small town with beautiful gardens and one of a kind ocean view.  Most of the eateries mentioned here serve great seafood and you can visit them all and try them for yourself in order to find the one that suits you the most during your stay.



Delfinos Seaside Restaurant at The Point Beach Area

The Best Restaurants in Mossel Bay - Delfinos Seaside Restaurant is Located At The Point Area

Delfinos Seaside Restaurant is probably one of the best restaurants in Mossel Bay if you are seeking the perfect ocean view. The menu is complete in the sense that you can have early breakfast and late dinner here. Also, they serve a good choice of alcoholic beverages that come in handy if you want to sit down and enjoy the sea view. Overall, the prices here are reasonable and on the plus side if you get to carried away with the drinks there is a free shuttle service to your accommodation. Head to “The Point” famous area near the ocean to find Delfinos Seaside.


Big Daddy’s restaurant Mossel Bay on Powrie Street

Big Daddy's restaurant mosselbay - The Best Restaurants in Mossel Bay is Found on Powrie Street

Big Daddy’s restaurant Mossel Bay is a small restaurant on Powrie Street. The place might not look very fancy and even dodgy at times, however, the food is very amazing. The portion is very big and the prices are truly reasonable. In fact, Big Daddy’s restaurant is one of the cheapest places in this list you can dine in and enjoy both delicious meat dishes and large pints of beers.


Stars Deli Located in Bayview center

Stars Opened in 2009 in Bayview Center of The City - South Africa Travel Tips

Opened in 2009, Stars opened as one of quality deli restaurants in Mossel Bay in Bayview center near Bayview Hospital. They are good for grabbing coffee, drink a glass of wine as well as eating nice comfort food. You can even get some nice crispy and delicious bread too. Also, due to is location, you get to enjoy amazing view of the ocean from hilltop as well.


Cafe Gannet Restaurant close to Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex

Cafe Gannet Restaurant Has Great Interior And Outdoor Design - The Best Restaurants in Mossel Bay

Cafe Gannet Restaurant is another one luxuries restaurants in Mossel Bay with great interior and outdoor design. This beautiful eatery is also famous as city’s seafood House which is also you can find in the in the center of Mossel Bay. It is very close to Dias museum complex and has a beautiful ocean view as well. With over 50 types of local and imported wines as well as amazing arrays of liquors, the bar here present an unforgivable experience alongside the ocean view at sunset. Their prices are very reasonable for the quality of the freshly cooked seafood you receive as well as impeccable hygiene here.


Oasis Cafe near Historic Tourist Route Station 8

South Africa Travel Tips - Oasis Cafe is Located Near Cape St Blaize Lighthouse Complex

You can find Oasis Cafe near Cape St Blaize Lighthouse Complex. this place is just for grabbing some good an budget café food and head to see more of the port. The place is very clean and the food is not very oily. Also, you can have your food and seat inside or outside here to finish it before ding your sightseeing.


Carola Ann’s Located on Marsh Street

The Best Restaurants in Mossel Bay - Carola Ann's is Found in Central Part of The Town

Carola Ann’s is the only good Mediterranean & Middle Eastern restaurants in Mossel Bay offering very unique dishes. This restaurant is located in a good spot in central part of the town. The view of the town from here is very good and you can enjoy getting some wine from their small cellar too. Most of their dishes cost you less than $15 and you get very gourmet style food with fresh ingredients.

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