Top Restaurants in Vilnius

Top Restaurants in Vilnius

Best Restaurants in Vilnius

In comparison to some other European capitals, restaurants in Vilnius usually come with a unique history behind them. The biggest influence on Vilnius restaurants was from the Soviet era and foreigners who came after the independence.

Many new cuisines were brought to the Vilnius restaurants by foreigners who opened restaurants in Lithuania. Some of these foreigners include Italians, French, Indians as well as Chinese. These individuals were not proper cooks, which is why some cuisines are slightly different than originals. These restaurants mostly cater to the younger generation but also have some nostalgic dishes.


Pachamama Dinner Club Serving Peruvian Cuisine

Top Restaurants in Vilnius - Pachamama Dinner Club is Named After the Goddess of Andean Mythology

Pachamama Dinner Club is not only a restaurant serving Peruvian cuisine but also a philosophy that provides a new experience. Named after the goddess of Andean mythology, the place invites you to a mystical world where the divinity of taste, the richness of aroma, the brightness of the interior, and the subtlety of service intertwine. The unique thing is that Pachamama Dinner Club is that it came about by accident. However, the grateful circumstances gave not only a successful business but also an unforgettable experience for gourmet dishes in one of the best restaurants in Vilnius and even the whole of Lithuania.


Fire Place best for Israeli Food

Fire Place Offers Most Delicious Shakshuka in The City - Lithuania Travel Guide

The Fire Place Piano is a family restaurant that offers the warming flavors of Israel. Although the owners themselves modestly call this place a diner where you can just have a quick and delicious snack, Vilnius locals and visitors know it as a gourmet paradise. In fact, Fire Place produces the most delicious pita sandwiches and the most delicious shakshuka in the entire city.


Senoji trobelė Offering Lithuanian Food

Senoji trobelė is in The Middle of The City - Top Restaurants in Vilnius

In a unique place in the middle of the city, Senoji trobelė is a real treasure for Lithuanian cuisine. This authentic place invites you to taste from old recipes to modern dishes. Meat, game, and potato dishes are prepared in clay pots on wooden tables according to the old Lithuanian traditions. Also, you can find many vegetarian choices on the menu here. These dishes come harmoniously with kvass, traditional Lithuanian beer.


Rhum Room for Great Caribbean Food

Top Restaurants in Vilnius - Rhum Room is Offering Great Caribbean Cuisine

Rhum Room is one of the handfuls of restaurants in Vilnius offering great Caribbean cuisine. You can visit this gem in the heart of Vilnius Old Town. The kitchen here uses mostly local products to support the community. Furthermore, spices from the Caribbean, combined with the creativity of chefs, will allow everyone to have a wonderful meal here. Also, this restaurant has a magnificent bar with many drink options.


MEZE for Turkish and Greek Cuisine

Lithuania Travel Guide - MEZE is Home to Turkish And Greek Cuisine

The Meze Restaurant is home to Turkish and Greek cuisine, comfortably located under one roof. The colorful menu here is reminiscent of a good day in that part of the world. According to the locals themselves, the biggest uniqueness of “Meze” is the authentic recipes. They uphold original and traditional recopies and do not deviate from them.


City Chef Barbecue Offering Good Burgers

City Chef Barbecue Provides Top Quality Burgers - Top Restaurants in Vilnius

Everyone who simply loves top-quality burgers, in general, should visit this place. There are real experts in City Chef Barbecue who know how to work the grill and make delicious burgers. If you are really looking for delicious burgers with fresh vegetables in Vilnius, this place is for you.


Kinza for Central Asian Cuisine

Top Restaurants in Vilnius - Kinza Offers tastes of Central Asian Cuisine

The Kinza Restaurant, which has been operating for five years, is one of the best restaurants in Vilnius for the tastes of Central Asian cuisine. Authenticity is highly valued here, so they try to put only what the long-standing traditions of those countries allow for it. Although dishes inspired by Uzbek or Korean cuisine can be found on the menu, they also offer Middle Eastern dishes.

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