What To Do in India

What To Do in India – Undoubtedly, India is one of the places that has a special place in the travel plans of many Iranian travelers. Of course, this country has different conditions than countries like the UAE, Turkey, or East Asian countries, and they cannot be easily compared to. But of course, this country also has a lot to say. A land with very beautiful temples, special palaces and entertainment and most importantly a different culture. India travel tips suggests that many tourists only know Taj Mahal and don’t know much about other places in India.

This is not just about traveling to this country. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis. Carrying a lot of cash is not good anywhere, but in crowded cities, pick-pocketing is an unpleasant problem. Newcomers are encouraged to stay calm and not get angry easily over small issues.

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