Best Markets in Ho Chi Minh

Best Markets in Ho Chi Minh

Famous Markets in Ho Chi Minh City

The markets in Ho Chi Minh city are some areas where seasoned tourists or expats know them. These markets are parts of more hidden attractions in Ho Chi Minh City with attractive structural design. As the largest city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh hosts many markets selling everything you need from daily needs to amazingly cheap souvenirs.



Soai Kinh Lam Fabric Market in District 14

Soai Kinh Lam Fabric Market is Located in District 14 - Best Markets in Ho Chi Minh

Suppose you are looking for an exclusive dress in Ho Chi Minh, but you don’t want to pay a lot of money for the tailors in this city, or the fabrics available in the tailors are not to your liking. In that case, the Soai Kinh Lam Fabric Market in Ward 14 is one of the best markets in Ho Chi Minh City for that purpose. In a tight space, this market hosts hundreds of big and small shops that offer the latest fabrics of the day at very low prices.

The unique feature of this market is that each of its shops offers only one type of fabric in different colors and textures. This makes searching for the desired fabric with a specific color and design more manageable and accurate. In this market, you can find any fabric, from velvet and linen to curtains, sheets, pillows or tablecloths.


Dan Sinh Market or Chợ Dân Sinh Market in District 1

Dan Sinh Market or Chợ Dân Sinh Market is Vietnam War Era Military Market in District 1

The Dan Sinh Market or the American Market, is one of those spacial Ho Chi Minh city markets that house Vietnam wartime era belongings of both American and local soldiers. Enthusiasts can find old military equipment, war memorabilia, and camping equipment such as tents and mosquito nets. In this market, you can see electrical appliances in industrial size too.


Ben Thanh Market for Handicrafts & Souvenirs

Famous Markets in Ho Chi Minh City - Ben Thanh Market Famous for Vietnamese Handicrafts & Souvenirs

This Ben Thanh Market is one of the oldest markets in Ho Chi Minh city and also the most famous one in Vietnam. Ben Thanh market has been open since 1914 until today, but it has undergone many changes and has seen many ups and downs during the last century.

The Ben Thanh market, which is not just a daily market for buying and selling goods, plays the role of a beautiful landscape, a meeting place and an impressive background for taking spectacular photos, especially in the south gate area with the broken clock in it. You can find anything from clothes, shoes and fabrics to electronics, homewares, art, jewelry, souvenirs and food at Ben Thanh market. You can also bargain a bit but stay moderate with it.


Binh Tay Market in Chinatown

Cheap Ho Chi Minh City Markets - Binh Tay Market Located in Chinatown

Binh Tay Market is located in Ho Chi Minh’s Chinatown and is one of the busiest Ho Chi Minh city markets. In addition, this market is one of the oldest markets in Ho Chi Minh City. The beautiful exterior of this market is a combination of French, Chinese and Vietnamese architecture with a large roof with yellow tiles as well as colorful and historical carvings at its entrance.

Most of the significant goods are brought to this market from the southwestern provinces, and one can see many nested shops with colorful products hanging from the walls. Vietnamese dried fruits, colorful clothes, nuts, handicrafts, household items and electronics are all sold in this market at reasonable prices.

Behind this market, you can see many local restaurants that are tempting you with their local delicacies. You can easily visit this market and Chinatown for a whole day. These foods are some of the cheapest in town with great qualities. In addition to trying local foods, you can visit temples and take photos in the streets.

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