Best Antalya Attractions For Tourists

List of Unique Antalya Attractions

There are many Antalya attractions for travelers that are worth a visit in this part of Turkey. This article introduces travelers to the best Antalya attractions for tourists offering great sights and views to them. Many travelers decide to choose this city instead of Istanbul for sightseeing and shopping. There are many reasons for this choice, the most important of which are the costs of the city and the security of this city. You need less money to stay and visit the tourist attractions of Antalya than the city of Istanbul. The city is also more secure than Istanbul, and travelers are less likely to encounter cases such as pickpocketing.


Hadrian’s Gate Located Eastern Part of The City

Best Antalya Attractions For Tourists - Hadrian's Gate Belonged to Greek And Roman Empires

If you visit the eastern part of this city, you can see many gates dating back to the Greek and Roman empires. Hadrian’s Gate is one of the most important Antalya Attractions that have survived through time. They are a testament to the past in changing landscape of this city.


Kaleiçi Old Town

Best Antalya Attractions For Tourists - Kaleiçi Has Houses With Red Roofs

Kaleiçi is one of leer known Antalya attractions that has a soothing vibe to it. This winding neighborhood is full of white houses with red roofs. The castle gate and the clock tower are some of the sights you will see in the Kaleichi neighborhood.


Old Port if You Wanna See Boats 

Antalya Tourist Attractions Tips - Old port is There Since the 2nd Century AD

Visiting the old port of Antalya, you will see a busy place where many ships and boats pass by. The old port of Antalya has been standing since the 2nd century AD. Also, it is the most important economic center of Antalya. The old port is another sight that is suitable for those who want to see the boats come and go and have a relaxing time there.


Roman Fortress with a Beautiful Seaside View

Antalya Tourist Attractions Tips - Roman Fortress Was Used to be A Watchtower

This Roman Fortress dates back to the second century AD. The main use of the Roman fort can be introduced as a watchtower and monitoring the movement of boats and ships in the port. If you are interested in seeing the old Antalya tourist attractions, you should visit this Roman Fortress. Moreover, there are many cafes and restaurants available here for travelers.


Yivliminare Mosque Belonging to Ottoman Period

Antalya Tourist Attractions Tips - Yivliminare Mosque is Suitable For History Buffs

The Yivliminare Mosque is also more suitable for history buffs. The minaret dates back to the Seleucid period, and the architecture of this period can be seen in the Yivliminare Mosque. Many historical tombs have been built around this minaret, and you may be interested in seeing them. The famous Antalya clock tower, which belongs to the Ottoman period, is located in front of the Yivliminare Mosque.


Aspendos a Large Roman Theater

Best Antalya Attractions For Tourists - Aspendos is A Roman Theater Since Third Centuries AD

Aspendos is one of the best Antalya attractions and the most complete Roman theater in the world. This building dates back to the second and third centuries AD, and one of the main reasons for travelers to visit Antalya is to watch this historical attraction. This theater has a capacity of housing 15,000 people. Ancient Roman carvings are still displayed on the city walls.


Antalya Museum for Seeing Historical Artefacts

Antalya Tourist Attractions Tips - Antalya Museum Houses Historical Artefacts

If you do not plan to visit the historical sights of this city, such as Perge and Aspendos, it is enough to visit the Antalya Museum. This museum houses historical collections from all over Turkey and can keep you entertained for hours by watching the historical sights.


Perge with Remains of Greek and Roman Architecture

Turkey Travel Tips - Perge is A Collection of Stadiums, Castles And Pillars

Perge is a collection of stadiums, castles, pillars, ancient stones, etc., which in ancient times was ruled first by the Greeks and then by the Roman Empire. Travelers can roam freely among the remains of this magnificent place.


Termessos Roman Ruins

Turkey Travel Tips - Termessos is The Remnant of A City From Greeks and Romans Time

Termessos is one of those Antalya attractions for tourists that is further from the city. Thermos is the remnant of a city that resisted the invasion of the Greeks and Romans and did not allow it to be captured. Termessos, like Aspendos, has a theater that has been badly damaged.


Olympos and Chimera Villages

Turkey Travel Tips - Olympus and Chimera is Suitable For Nature Lovers

If you are willing to pay to see other locations, you can also visit the two villages of Olympos and Chirali. These two are close to each other and have a trekking path connecting them together. This place is suitable for nature lovers. The chimera cliffs here are particularly famous since they catch fire uncontrollably.

Also, you should check out information on Antalya beach guide for Tourists if you are planning to visit beaches here. These beaches are some of the best in Turkey for their view and the calmness of the environment surrounding them.

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