Best Sorrento Attractions

Best Sorrento Attractions

List of Top Sorrento Attractions

The Sorrento attractions bring many tourists to this city; However, Sorrento is still just a small town south of the Bay of Naples. Sorrento has seen many empires and has been influenced by all of them. One of the features of this small coastal city is its proximity to the city of Naples, volcanic mountains and even the beautiful island of Capri. Sorrento has a Mediterranean climate that creates the experience of mild winters and hot summers for tourists.



St.Francis Church and Convent next to Villa Comunale di Sorrento

St.Francis Church and Convent is Located next to Villa Comunale di Sorrento

Dedicated to St. Francis, this monastery dates back to the early 8th century and its best feature is the 13th-century San Francesco monastery. On both sides of this monastery, cross arches made of tufa sedimentary stones can be seen, and on the other two sides of this monastery, there are round arches on top of octagonal columns. As with other buildings in Sorrento, look for older structures in this building. The three columns in this monastery were part of pagan temples in the past. The adjacent church also belongs to the 16th century. This monastery is located just next to the famous Villa Comunale di Sorrento.


Villa Comunale di Sorrento Park with a Beautiful View

Villa Comunale di Sorrento Park with a Beautiful View of Sunrise is one of Gems of Sorrento Attractions

Watching the sunset from the top of the Villa Comunale platform, a park close to the San Francesco monastery, is one of the most pleasurable activities and possibly one of the most romantic Sorrento attractions. The park overlooks a bustling waterfront filled with vibrant vessels and is situated directly over the Marina Grande.

Mount Vesuvius can be seen when looking east of the Bay of Naples. The rocky promontory of Capo di Sorrento may be seen from the west side as well. From Villa Comunale, a lift rapidly transports you to the harbor. Obviously, you can also walk along this wavy path to the beach too.



Woodwork Museum of Museo Bottega della Tarsia Lignea

Wood work Museum of Museo Bottega della Tarsia Lignea to See Antique Italian Wooden Crafts

The delicate and elaborate art of carving and inlaying woodwork has a long history in Sorrento, and examples can be seen in churches and shops throughout the city. In this aristocratic mansion of the 18th century, one can see furniture, chests and inlaid panels by the masters of Sorrento in the 19th century.


Bastion of Parsano and Ancient Walls of The City

Bastion of Parsano and Ancient Walls of The City Built by Greeks Accessible By Marina Grande gate

The Greeks built walls around the city of Sorrento, which were reinforced by the Romans and lasted throughout the Middle Ages. These walls were rebuilt after the Turks attacked Sorrento in 1500. Some of these walls are still standing. You can see parts of the city walls built by the Greeks at the Marina Grande gate, similar to the restored walls in the Porta Parsano bastion which are both the most famous and easily accessible Sorrento attractions.


Museum of Museo Correale di Terranova

Woodwork Museum of Museo Correale di Terranova to 18th Century Paintings and Artefacts

This museum, which began its work with the display of fine art collections from the many houses of the Coriale family in Naples and Sorrento, is known as the most beautiful provincial museum in Italy. The strength of the Correale di Terranova is its 17th and 18th-century paintings, but the museum is also known for its collections of European pottery, Bohemian glassware, Augustan reliefs, and Napoleonic paintings.


Marina Grande & Marina Piccola Coastlines

Marina Grande & Marina Piccola Coastlines are Best Spots for Seafood and Boating - Best Sorrento Attractions

The two ports of Marina Grande and Marina Piccola are the most famous among the Sorrento attractions that spread along the coastal slope. In fact, Marina Grande, which means the big port, is more petite regarding the arrival and departure of boats compared to Marina Piccola, which means the small port, but it has more tourist attractions.

The beach of this port has a pleasant promenade for walking; along it there are seafood restaurants with a view facing the water. If you move away from this area’s beach and water promenade, you will come across a fishing village. Fishermen still empty their boats of fish early in the morning and supply the needs of nearby restaurants in Sorrento. These restaurants are very popular with locals and foreign tourists because of their fresh and delicious food.


The Church of Basilica Sant’Antonino

The Church of Basilica Sant'Antonino is a Beautiful Church with Marble Pillars and Magnificent Altar

This church should be on your Sorrento attractions list because of how beautiful it is on the inside. Moreover, this 19th-century altar was dedicated to the patron saint of Sorrento, St. Antonino, or the great monk of St. Anthony. With the expansion in the 11th century, it took the form of a whole church with Marble added Marble Pillars and a reformed altar. Today, you can find Roman columns and other finds from older buildings in this church.

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