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Best Restaurants in Lloydminster

Top Restaurants in Lloydminster

Top Restaurants in Lloydminster

There are many good restaurants in Lloydminster because this is a border town which connects Alberta and Saskatchewan and hence bringing a lot of interesting cultures and people to this city. As a result, you get lots of varieties in food and flavors all using fresh quality ingredients sourced from local farms. The climate of this city is mostly humid during summer time and has cold and harsh winters, This is not densely populated city and most of the population are of young age. this makes the food culture more innovative and the portions more hearty and filling.



Rice Craving a Filipino Restaurant

Rice Craving is a Nice Filipino Restaurant - Top Restaurants in Lloydminster

Rice craving is one of relatively new restaurants in Lloydminster, opened in 2020, that is serving classis Filipino food. They are very famous for their grilled beef and grilled chicken dishes that come in large portions. Another food that should definitely try is their pork Tocino which has some great flavor to it. The staff here are very friendly and always have smiles on their faces. You can find rice Craving at 50 Avenue Unit F.


Mr Bill’s Family Restaurant A Greek Eatery

Mr Bill's Family Restaurant is A family-Run Greek Eatery at 54 Avenue

If you want to try one of most interesting Greek restaurants in Lloydminster then you should give Mr Bill’s Family Restaurant a try. This is a family-run establishment that has been offering great Greek food for over two decades, opened in year 2000. Some of their best foods include steaks, pastas, soulvaki, ribs and seafood. Because this is a family business, customers also get treated like family members and the food tastes very homey. Mr Bill’s Family Restaurant is at 54 Avenue, right opposite Lloyd Mall.


Lucky Garden Restaurant for Chinese Food

Top Restaurants in Lloydminster - Lucky Garden Restaurant is Great for Chinese Food

One of the most decently priced Chinese restaurants in Lloydminster is Lucky Garden Restaurant. The menu consist of mostly fried rice, egg rolls, wonton soup, ginger beef, chop suey, hot braised and sesame chicken dishes as well as shrimp and chili sauce. The lucky Garden Restaurant location is at 50 Avenue and they are currently only open for lunch and dinner times only.


Cheers Restaurant & Lounge A Great Bar

Cheers Restaurant & Lounge is A Great Bar for High Quality Food & Beverages

If you want to drink some great beer, cocktails and smoothies, then make sure to Cheers Restaurant & Lounge a visit. The location of Cheers Restaurant & Lounge is at 44 Street, very close to holiday inns and a mall. The food here id of high quality and the prices are very reasonable. Customers are greeted with friendly and hospitable attitude at all times, making this lounge a top-notch place to wine and dine.


Quiznos in Brentwood Commons Shopping Centre

Quiznos Located in Brentwood Commons Shopping Centre Selling Subs and Sandwiches

Quiznos is one of great sandwich restaurants in Lloydminster which operates similarly to subway but with much better quality meats, breads, salads, desserts and even soups. This great shop has been in operation since 1981 which shows how great their quality is and how delicious their sandwiches are. Also, they have some small sandwiches specifically designed for children. Make sure to check Quiznos, as they have daily deals which can save you some money too. The Quiznos location is in Brentwood Commons Shopping Centre at 44 Street.


LAVVA Kitchen + Bar With Great Bar Food

LAVVA Kitchen + Bar With Great Bar Food - Restaurants in Lloydminster

LAVVA Kitchen & Bar currently operates from two locations. One of them is in Saskatoon and the other one is here in Lloydminster. This is a great location for hearty and flavorful homestyle dishes. Here, they always incorporate fresh locally sourced ingredients in their wide rage of food offerings. Similar to the food menu, the beverage menu is also extensive and is full of unique and carefully made cocktails. The Beverage menu has bottled beer, house wine and lots of spirit and rum options too.

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