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Top Places to Eat Breakfast in Tbilisi



Top Places to Eat Breakfast in Tbilisi

Top Places to Eat Breakfast in Tbilisi

Tbilisi breakfast options are many and finding a good breakfast in Tbilisi is not difficult. Here are some of the top places to get some morning food in Tbilisi for tourists and travelers. Many Georgians don’t fancy breakfast and they choose coffee instead. A typical breakfast in Georgia comes with tea or coffee with a slice of bread with a spread of butter or eggs. Since there’s no proper breakfast custom here, Tbilisi doesn’t offer many places for breakfast, and cafés often open till late. However, be sure to check out these breakfast places.




Top Places to Eat Breakfast in Tbilisi - Coffeesta is Where You Can Get A Muffin or A Croissant

Coffeesta is another local coffee shop that serves simple breakfast options for people who like to have breakfast early. Here, you can have a coffee with a muffin or a croissant for just 5 GEL. it is one of the cheapest places to have breakfast in Tbilisi.


Lagidze Water

Tbilisi Breakfast - Lagidze Water is Where The Menu is Very Straightforward

Lagidze Water has many Tbilisi Breakfast offerings for travelers. It is a very well know café with many nice options for breakfast in Tbilisi. They can speak some English in this café and the menu is very straightforward as well.


Coffee Lab

Top Places to Eat Breakfast in Tbilisi - Coffee Lab Where You Can Get Aeropress Coffee

If you like your Tbilisi breakfast just like the locals, then go to Coffee Lab and drink their specialties like vacuum pot,  V60 as well as Aeropress coffee. Also, you can have rice pudding, oat porridge, granola, fruit salad with your coffee. In general, you can try to have your morning meal here accompanied with some nice coffee.



Georgia Travel Tips - Fabrika is Also Part of The Hotel With The Same Name

In Fabrika, you can have an à la carte buffet with everything you want for only $8. You will have salads, fruits, pastries, homemade yogurt as well as jams on offer. Also, cooks will make an omelet for you if you ask them.  This café is part if a hotel with the same name and you can even see some guest dining here in the morning.

After finishing your breakfast in Tbilisi, it is worth checking out best unique souvenirs to get in Georgia if you are here as a tourist. These souvenirs are very specific to this land and can be a good memory if you do not get the chance to visit Georgia again.


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