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Top Bars in Cape Town



Top Bars in Cape Town

Cape Town’s local as well as its multicultural tourists love drinking and going for a fun night out. Therefore this city offers good drinking spots whether you want a cheap beer at a local brewery or a high-end bar that mostly prestigious bakers and high profile people visit. Here are the best bars for you to visit once you are in Cape Town.



The Dubliner

Top Bars in Cape Town

You can find this bar at the center of Cape Town. You can get local comfort food here in a laid-back atmosphere here. However, according to few tourists testimonies safety here is a bit shabby. Also, you need to be careful if you are going alone and want to take taxi very late at night.


House of Machines

Top Bars in Cape Town

House of Machines is located on the Shortmarket Street. The interresting here is the attention to details and authenticity. Moreover, drink here is not cheap and they are leaning towards expensive high end side. However, there is good live music every night here and they have specialty cocktails as well. The best thing here is its laid-back crowd which are friendly and it’s a safe place to drink as well.


Yours Truly

Top Bars in Cape Town

You can find this famous drinking joint at two places in the city. They are located on Kloof and Loop Streets. The Kloof Street branch is one of the best places to drink beer in summer time. This bar attracts people from all walks of life and their beer prices are reasonable as well. There are some nights that DJs come here and this place will be really crowded with people dancing on the dance floor. Drinking here is really recommended during afternoon times.


Orphanage Cocktail Emporium

Top Bars in Cape Town

This joint has a long list of cocktails, however they don’t come cheap. This bar worth the visit if you are into unique drinks by experts mixologists. You will find this prestigious bar at the end of Bree Street.



Top Bars in Cape Town

Beerhouse is located on Long Street and has many selections of beer for you to try here. This humble beer bar has many imported beers as well as local brews and crafts. This bar is favorite with young locals and tourists so expect a lot of crowd here.

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