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Doha Airport

Doha Airport

All About Doha Airport in Qatar

There are a few Doha airports in Qatar; however, the only airport Qatar visitors can use from abroad is the Hamad International Airport. This airport is very modern and has many amenities that offer its visitors. If you want to travel to Qatar, you will most likely end up at this airport. Therefore, in this article, you will get to know this airport in more detail.


Hamad International Airport Information

Doha Airport - Hamad International Airport is A 2,200-hectare Infrastructure

Hamad International Airport is a newly established airport in Qatar. This airport is very modern and well-equipped and is the main hub of Qatar Airways flights. All Qatar Airways flights, as well as international flights of reputable international airlines that used to operate at Doha International Airport, have now been transferred to Hamad Airport. This airport has become one of the top airports in the world in a short period of time. In the following, you will get to know more about this modern and beautiful airport and the necessary information about it.

Hamad International Airport is a new and modern Doha airport in the capital of Qatar. This airport was opened in 2014, and since then, all Qatar Airways flights have operated from this airport. Before the opening of the airport, domestic and international flights were operated at this International Airport. However, due to the expansion of the tourism industry and the increase in air traffic, the need for a much larger and more modern airport was felt. Also, the airport is built on a 2,200-hectare infrastructure and is 5 km from the city. Hamad International Airport has a capacity of 50 million passengers a year, although some believe the airport can handle up to 93 million people.


Hamad Airport Building and its Terminals

Airport Qatar - Terminals Can Accommodate 50 Million Passengers A Year

Qatar Hamad International Airport has one terminal, but these terminals have several halls inside them. Halls A, B, C, D, and E are currently active. Halls D and E will be available soon, and Hall F will come into use in the near future.

Hamad International Doha Airport currently has a capacity of 50 million passengers a year, but the Qatari government plans to expand Hamad Airport further and build a second terminal to manage the high traffic volume in the coming years.


Transportation To/From Doha Airport

Transportation - For Using Bus in Qatar You Need to Use By A Karwa Smartcard

Bus Services

Buses are the cheapest means of transportation in airport Qatar visitors can consider. The bus station is located outside the entrance lounge area. These buses run in two directions: Line 109 from Doha Hamad Airport to Mesaieed Industrial Zone and Line 747 from the airport to Al-Ghanim Bus Station. To get on these buses, you need to get a Karwa Smartcard.


Taxi Services

The taxi station is also located outside the terminal building. The fare of these taxis is based on the distance you travel. Passengers should use only airport taxis for added security and comfort.


Car Rental Companies

There are car rental service offices in the airport transportation center. The center is located outside the incoming flight hall, and various car rental companies provide services to passengers.


Limousine to Hire

Passengers traveling to Qatar and Doha Airport international visitors can travel to the city by limousine. To book a limousine, you must contact the airport transportation department in advance or visit the limousine rental desk at the airport.


Hamad International Airport Qatar Useful Facilities

Airport Qatar - Hamad International Airport Facilities Has A Duty Free And 24/7 Restaurants

For the passengers comfort, airport Qatar has provided many facilities across its terminals to ensure that passengers have maximum ease of transport and some time to rest and enjoy this magnificent building.


Internet Access Free of Charge

Doha airport international travelers can use the free Wi-Fi available here. You can connect to the Free internet by HIA network to use this internet. In addition, free internet counters are available throughout the airport, including boarding gate areas equipped with keyboards and monitors.


Currency Exchange Across Passenger Terminals

There are exchange offices in this airport. Qatar foreign tourists can change their money in them. They provide all currency exchange and other financial services for passengers available across every passenger terminal.


Airport Information Desks

Airport information offices are located inside and outside the terminal and can be found on almost all floors.


Smoke Lounge and Rooms

There are currently two locations for smokers in this airport. You can find them at gate C13 and nearby Qatar Duty-Free Store.


Food and Restaurants

At this airport, you will not have any problems in terms of food. There are numerous shops, restaurants, and coffee shops on different floors of the airport, offering a variety of Arabic, international, seafood, fast food, and more. Many of these restaurants are open 24 hours a day.


Art Installations

If you plan to tour the airport, you can visit the art museum located in the airport terminal. Domestic and international works are on display in this museum.

Also, for those who want to get more information on Qatar stadiums, there are many signs and personnel available for you. You can ask for the nearest transport or hotel to these stadiums, which makes your journey in this country much easier.

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