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Best Places to Eat Taco in San Diego

Best Places to Eat Taco in San Diego

Best Authentic Taco in San Diego

You can get some of the best tacos in San Diego from street corners. However, eateries found below are the best places to eat taco in San Diego if you want to sit down in a clean restaurant. Every resident has a favorite, including Tijuana street-style, hard shell, birria, and many more. These taco locations may cost more than street vendors; however, they are more hygienic, and the taste does not lack any flavor. Taco has a lot of love and passion that goes into making it and should not be ignored as a cheap food.



El Comal near The University Avenue

Best Places to Eat Taco in San Diego - El Comal is Famous For Smoked Marlin Taco

This place is at North Park and serves many tacos as well as other Mexican tacos. Also, El Comal is famous for its smoked marlin taco in San Diego. They pride themselves in making the most authentic Mexican eatery in town. This taco comes with onions, garlic, celery, bell pepper, as well as tomato and cheese. In general, this is a very good restaurant if you want to introduce tacos and Mexican food to your friends for the first time. Also, various local and international eating and drinking events take place here, making El Comal fun to hang out with. You can find El Comal at 3946 Illinois Street near the University Avenue junction.


The Taco Stand located in La Jolla

Best Places to Eat Taco in San Diego - The Taco Stand is Located in La Jolla Offering Some of The Best Tacos in San Diego

There are a few locations of this restaurant all over the city. The original Taco Stand is located in La Jolla and serves Tijuana-style tacos. These tacos are some of the best tacos in San Diego. If you are vegetarian, you can also try the nopal taco, which comes with avocado, grilled cactus, cheese, and cilantro sauce tomato. The portions here are really good, too. Moreover, they have some unique tacos that are in-house specialty, and you can get them at The Taco Stand.


La Puerta in The Gaslamp Quarter

Best Places to Eat Taco in San Diego - La Puerta Offering Best Tacos in San Diego With Mild Flavor

La Puerta is in the center of the Gaslamp Quarter, serving up some of the best tacos in San Diego. They serve more mild flavor taco in San Diego. The flavor, however, is really delicious in this restaurant. They care about freshness, and you will see that in all of their Sinaloa-inspired tacos and other Mexican dishes. For that reason, you will not see artificial additives here. Also, La Puerta joint serves street tacos until 1 in the morning during the weekends. The best choice here is their mix ‘n match, in which you can choose 3 different tacos into one. This is a nice place to eat tacos, drink tequila, and hang out.


¡SALUD TACOS! near Corazon Del Barrio Event Hall


Located in Barrio Logan, SALUD TACOS is truly an institution among places to eat taco in San Diego. The menu at SALUD TACOS includes breakfast tacos, burros, and some delicious fully vegetarian options. What makes SALUD TACOS a great place is the Mexicana culture you see throughout the store, both inside and outside. Interestingly, there is a famous venue called MeCorazon Del Barrio, which is dedicated to Latin-American culture, and sometimes you will see low-rider shows taking place outside of this restaurant, too.

Also, if you are in the United States for longer, try top places to eat in Miami as well. These locations offer both Mexican as well as international food. Some of these restaurants are average in terms of pricing, and the rest offer premium, high-end food. These restaurants are the places where you would see celebrities and well-to-do individuals visit. Besides, they employ some of the best chefs in town, and even though they might not be your daily places to dine in, they are definitely worth a trip.

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