Best Souvenirs from Armenia

List of Famous Souvenirs from Armenia

A wide variety of souvenirs from Armenian is available, making it simple for visitors and travelers to select one. Knowing what type of keepsake you wish to purchase suffices. You can choose from various Armenian souvenirs, including tasty, wearable, and decorative products. Most local open-air markets sell these souvenirs, you just need to negotiate prices with them.



Khachkar or khatchkar Stone Crosses

Religious Symbol of Armenian Christians as Khachkar or khatchkar Stone Crosses

Khachkar art is a type of stone carving and engraving with patterns of flowers, plants, and geometric shapes that is similar to Christian art, like the large Celtic cross, and it also depicts biblical stories. These cross-shaped stone carvings include intricate and distinctive designs. This exquisite piece of art would make an excellent present or souvenirs from Armenia. The Vernissage Market on Aram Street in Yerevan is the most incredible spot to locate great prices on beautiful stone crosses.


Armenian Carpets and Rugs

Best Souvenirs from Armenia - Armenian Carpets and Rugs with Colorful Designs and Nice Patterns

The nation’s carpets are yet another Armenian handcraft that is frequently the focus of several travelers. Armenian carpets and rugs come in various styles and are available in multiple hues, sizes, and designs. The style and quality of this Armenian memento have increased its popularity. Going to the marketplaces to purchase Armenian trinkets is one of the things you can do to see the best examples of carpets and rugs in Armenia.


Armenian Coffee Types

Armenian Coffee has many Different Types with Magnificent Aromas

Armenia produces some of the best coffee in the world. Numerous coffee shops in this nation provide clients with freshly ground coffee as they shop. This procedure affects the coffee’s aroma and durability. Since coffee has unique devotees, it has evolved into one of the best souvenirs from Armenia. Another well-liked dish in this nation is chocolate, which is made and offered in various tastes in Armenia.


Pomegranate Symbols and Ceramics

Handmade Pomegranate Symbols and Ceramics - Famous Souvenirs from Armenia

Armenia has an exciting history with the pomegranate. This fruit has become a symbol and led to the manufacturing and development of numerous handcrafted and commercial pomegranate-shaped goods. If every traveler brings home a keepsake in the shape of a pomegranate, it won’t be out of the ordinary. One of the most famous Armenian souvenirs among visitors to our nation is the pomegranate. Some of the most popular Armenian souvenirs with this symbol include ceramic dishes with paintings, ornaments with pomegranate designs, etc.


Dried Fruits and Sweets

Dried Fruits and Sweets Sold At Most Markets and Local Spice Shops

In Armenia, dried fruits are present in every home; many still keep this tradition from the past. The locals dry a lot of different fruits at home, including apricots, peaches, plums, grapes, and others. Locals use these dried fruits in cooking and as snacks. This work is quite time-consuming but people of this nation still do it. Local stores and supermarkets sell dried fruits. These fruits have a great flavor and are also very nourishing.


Wooden and Fabric Dolls

Traditional and Cultural Wooden and Fabric Dolls Suitable for Children

Other souvenirs from Armenia include wooden and fabric dolls, one of the nation’s cultural icons. Most of the time, handmade fabric is used to create these dolls. For these dolls’ accessories and hair, locals use yarns. These dolls’ attire is based on the traditional clothing Armenian women wear. These dolls’ emblems include long shirts with jeweled belts, sequined hats, and scarves. Regional wooden and fabric dolls are available in Children’s gifts and even home décor shops.


Traditional Armenian Jewelry

Traditional Armenian Jewelry Made with Hand and Won by Mostly Local Armenian Women

Armenian jewelry is one of the best souvenirs from Armenia and many all local women like to wear them regularly. One of the most well-known industries among Armenians is jewelry production. Armenian jewelry and ornaments serve a symbolic purpose. Of course, it should be emphasized that jewelry is pricey. Still, you can also get silver and brass jewelry in this nation as souvenirs at more reasonable prices than jewelry.

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