Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Oslo

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Oslo

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Oslo

Usually, one of the most difficult parts of a vegetarian trip is finding vegetarian restaurants in the city. In Norway, you will find the top vegetarian restaurants in Oslo, which is also one of the best places in the country to try the taste of Norway. These vegetarian restaurants have a high rating among vegetarians. Even people who love meat dishes believe that the vegetarian food of these restaurants in Oslo satisfies even the most demanding customers. From breakfast to brunch, dinner, and snacks, you can find the best vegetarian food in these restaurants & cafes.


Nordvegan on Kristian IVs Gate Street

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Oslo - Nordvegan Serves Healthy Asian Food

Nordvegan is a large vegetarian restaurant in Oslo. The main focus of this restaurant is on serving healthy food and fast food inspired by Asian flavors.

A variety of vegetarian dishes are served at this restaurant. If you go to Nordvegan for lunch, you can enjoy a variety of wraps, burgers, sushi, soups, rolls, salads, and Banh Mi sandwiches. Also, this place has a small section where you can buy herbal and vegan products, health products without animal testing, and environmentally friendly. Food enthusiasts can find Nordvegan on Kristian IVs Gate Street, very close to Stortinget subway station.


KUMI with Branches in Gamlebyen and Oslobukta

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Oslo - KUMI A Café And A Juice Bar And Soup Bar

KUMI is a café and a juice bar as well as a soup bar. The café serves customers for all three meals: breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Both vegan and vegetarian dishes and a variety of international, organic, and non-additive dishes are served at this café. The food you taste in this cafe does not contain any harmful chemicals or sugars. This restaurant, with two branches in Gamlebyen and Oslobukta, is considered one of the more high-end vegetarian restaurants in Oslo.


Oslo Raw located in Adamstuen Neighborhood

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Oslo - Oslo Raw Café Serves Delicious Home-Made Snacks

At Oslo Raw Restaurant, you can try a variety of vegan, gluten-free, organic, and raw vegetarian dishes. This Bakery Café serves delicious homemade snacks and dishes. These snacks and snacks are made without white sugar and soy. Drinks such as coffee and tea can also be ordered at this café. This restaurant is located in the Adamstuen neighborhood and accessible via Stensgata bus/tram stop.


Funky Fresh Foods

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Oslo - Funky Fresh Foods A Top Vegetarian Cafes

Funky Fresh Café is one of Oslo’s vegetarian cafes. Burgers, juices, and coffee are some of the snacks you can enjoy at this café. The café also has a small shop selling fresh local produce.

Update: Funky Fresh Foods is no longer open.


Loving Hut

Loving Hut Serves Vegetarian Asian Fast Food - Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Oslo

The Loving Hut Café opened in 2014 in the St. Hanshaugen neighborhood. The café is actually part of an international restaurant chain. Furthermore, this café serves vegetarian Asian fast food. Each branch of the café is run by one family. All the dishes at Loving Hut are vegetarian, from main dishes to desserts and soft drinks.

Update: This restaurant has unfortunately been closed.


The Fragrance of the Heart in Heart of Sentrum

What to Do in Norway - The Fragrance of the Heart is The Best Place For Vegan Soups And Calming Environment

It does not matter if you are completely vegan or have a Lacto-vegetarian or ovo-vegetarian diet; the Fragrance of the Heart café satisfies all tastes and diets. Moreover, this restaurant is one of Oslo tourist attractions and is a highly praised vegetarian restaurants in Oslo. Vegetarian dishes, vegan soups, European and Norwegian dishes, coffee, and other beverages can be enjoyed in the café’s relaxing setting. Moreover, another feature of this café is the fluent English staff. To get here, stop at the National Theatre subway station and walk towards the Sentrum area of the city.


Krishnas Cuisine in Colosseum Center Shopping Mall

What to Do in Norway - Krishnas Cuisine Most Popular Vegetarian Restaurant

Krishna’s Cuisine is another of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Oslo. Also, the restaurant serves a variety of vegetarian, Lacto-vegetarian, Indian, and international dishes. This restaurant is only 30 minutes away from the city center, in the Colosseum Center shopping mall, and you can easily walk to the restaurant from the Majorstuen subway station.

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