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Shiraz Hotels Information



Shiraz Hotels Information

Best of Shiraz Hotels

Shiraz is one of the cities of Iran that is very touristic and usually many trips are made to it. Tourists can reside in one of Shiraz hotels which are located in some of the most accessible areas of the city. This beautiful and important city is located in the center of Fars province and has various historical and recreational attractions.



Chamran Grand Hotel a Luxury Residency

Shiraz Hotels Information - Chamran Grand Hotel

In the famous Chamran Blvd, you can find one of most luxurious and beautiful Shiraz hotels known as Chamran hotel. It has a good room service and the interior of the hotel is very beautiful and pleasantly decorated as well. This hotel is located in one of the best parts of Shiraz and is one of the top structures in the city too.


Zandiyeh Hotel to Experience Elegance

Shiraz Hotels Information - Zandiyeh Hotel

One of the new Shiraz hotels is Zandiyeh Hotel. This hotel is located next to the Pars Museum and comes with a completely original and traditional Iranian architecture. Even though, Zandiyeh Hotel looks traditinal, it offers many amenities to make sure you have a comfortable stay there. Also, you can try restaurants in this hotel and use its various entertainment services.


Homa Hotel With Great Accessibility

Travel Guide Iran - Homa Hotel

Another of the best hotels in Shiraz, which is a 5-star residency, is the Homa Hotel. One of the interesting things about this hotel is that it is located in an area that provides access to many parts of Shiraz. Because of its proximity to the Azadi Park, the environment surrounding the hotel is very good and pleasant. Homa Hotel is one of the accommodations in Shiraz which, although old, is still among the best.


Elysee Hotel with a Beautiful Design

Travel Guide Iran - Elysee Hotel

Elysee Hotel is one of the luxurious but traditionally designed Shiraz hotels, which, unlike other accommodations in Shiraz, is located in a residential area. Of course, this location in a residential area does not mean that this 4-star hotel does not have good access to different parts of the city.

Elyzeh Hotel is located on Mali Abad Blvd, one of the famous and busy streets of Shiraz. In fact, this area is the commercial heart of Shiraz and is a lively street. In this street, there are many entertainment and shopping centers and stylish and modern restaurants that you would like to try all of them. This residency is only 5 minutes away from the metro station and it is easily accessible to the historical context of the city. Also, You can use taxi and metro to reach this hotel.

In fact, Elysee Hotel has good access to many shopping centers and main streets of Shiraz. This hotel has a nice restaurant and its garden coffee houses offer a good drinks too.

Moreover, this accommodation has 68 very stylish and beautiful accommodation units that have facilities such as comfortable beds, excellent room service, clean towels, roomy wardrobes, TVs, telephones as well as dressing tables.


Shiraz Grand Hotel located next to The Quran Gate‌

Shiraz Hotels Information - Shiraz Grand Hotel

Shiraz Grand Hotel is one of the most famous accommodations in the city. This hotel with its special architecture that resembles a ship, is built in the northeast of the city. You can find it next to the Quran Gate‌ and is on the hills of the city. The proximity to the Qur’an Gate and Shiraz Gardens, the proximity to the historical sites of Persepolis, Tomb of Hafez and Tomb of Saadi, the easy access to the airport, have made this hotel a unique spot to stay. This hotel is newly built and in addition to the exterior glass design, its interior facilities are also very extensive and modern. Also, most of the rooms have great view of the city and still you can experience some tranquility at this residency.

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