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Top Flea Markets in Connecticut



Top Flea Markets in Connecticut

Top Flea Markets in Connecticut

Located in southern New England, this city has a lot of vintage artefacts as well as museums. Therefore, flea markets in Connecticut are good options for those who want to find great deals on old items as well as numerous naval related objects. This is because this state is near the Long Island Sound estuary and has access to Atlantic Ocean. This is one of the best states for finding great deals on antique items.


Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market

Top Flea Markets in Connecticut - Elephant's Trunk Flea Market Operates From April to December Every Sunday

Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market is one of top flea markets in Connecticut. This particle market operates every year from April to December every Sunday. This amazing marketplace opens its doors very early in the morning and is open till early in the evening. It is good to know that there are 3 options for buying tickets. The first is early buyers which are the first individuals to arrive here at 5:30 am. The second group of byers can arrive between 7 to -8 am time frame. These two groups must buy their tickets online and both these options are limited. The third option is available for on-site purchase for whoever comes after 8 am onwards.


The Boulevard Flea Market

Newhaven Flea Market - The Boulevard Flea Market is Located at Ella T Grasso Boulevard

Newhaven Flea Market is another one of major flea markets in Connecticut which is also know as The Boulevard market as well. this market takes places all year around at the weekend, every Saturday and Sunday. You can visit this lovely market at Ella T Grasso Boulevard from 7AM – 4PM. It is always open to public during this time frame.


Redwood Country Flea Market

Redwood Country Flea Market is Found at Wallingford Town - Top Flea Markets in Connecticut

Redwood Country Flea Market is found at Wallingford Town.  It is one of best flea market in Connecticut for finding new as well as antique items. In fact, you can find jewelry, old coins, old CDs, as well as lovely plants there. This market operates every Friday to Sunday from early morning until 3-4pm. Also, there are a lot of free parking lots near the entrance. If you get hungry or need to use public toilets, there is a small restaurant as well as restrooms available here too.


Flea Market at the Crossing

Top Flea Markets in Connecticut - Flea Market at the Crossing is at The Plainville Town

Visit the Flea Market at the Crossing at the Plainville town. This place has two floors and is open on Saturday and Sundays from 9am till 4pm. Even though this market is small, you can still find good items household items here.


Mongers Market

Top Flea Markets in Connecticut - Mongers Market is Located in Bridgeport Town

Mongers Market is another one of good flea markets in Connecticut, in Bridgeport town. This places consists of a team of Mongers that manage vintage and salvaged objects. Some of them include clothing, furniture and other home objects. This place is open every Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm.


Bethlehem Indoor Flea Market

Bethlehem Indoor Flea Market is A Family Owned Operation - USA Travel Tips

Bethlehem Indoor Flea Market is a family owned operation and one of best flea markets in Connecticut. It is found in a beautiful area in Bethlehem town. Also, it offers a range of merchandise with good price tags. Moreover, they have one of the largest selection of antique prices at the lowest possible prices. You can just enter here for free since there are no admission fees here. The operation hours is 12PM until 5PM on Fridays and 9AM until 5PM on Saturday And Sundays.

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