Best Food in Bratislava

Best Food in Bratislava

List of Delicious Food in Bratislava

It is true that the taste of most food in Bratislava and other Slovakia food offerings will never be forgotten and will become one of your best experiences here. So, make sure to try as many local foods as possible before leaving. It is good that you put aside ordinary sandwiches and fast food chain foods and think about trying the local cuisine. Below, you will get to know healthy local foods considered the best in Bratislava and Slovakia. In addition to the delicious taste, such type of food in Bratislava which mentioned here is actually good for you too.


Prekmurska Gibanica a Delicious Layered Cake

Prekmurska Gibanica is a Tasty Layered Cake - Delicious Food in Bratislava

Prekmurska Gibanica is a type of layered cake that tastes very good and easily attracts your attention. This cake is made from poppy seeds, apples, raisins, and walnut pieces, which are combined with cooked food ingredients. This dish is considered a traditional dish in the Prekmurje region. Still, it also has a place and a valuable position in Slovenia. Prekmurska is a sweet dish representing the agricultural culture of different regions of this great country.


Knedle Pudding Filled with Fruits

Knedle is Pudding Dessert which is Filled with Fruit Pieces Topped with Cream

Knedle is a fruit-filled pudding that will satisfy your appetite. This dish is prepared as a layer of potato dough that is filled with fruit pieces. Moreover, Knedle is often eaten as a sweet lunch in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia. This delicious dish is similar to pierogi, but with the difference that it is boiled.


Sarma Good for Winter Season

Sarma is a Dish Filled with Meat and It is Good for Winter Season

Sarma is an interesting food in Bratislava prepared from beet, grape, and cabbage leaves, which is wrapped around meat or chopped beans and nuts. This dish is served in many regions, from the countries of the former Ottoman Empire to parts of the Balkans and parts of Central Europe. Also, Sarma is very popular among Slovakians. Although its look is not all that special, it makes for a hearty lunch. This food is mainly prepared at the beginning of the winter season.


Tarator a Cold Soup to Have Before Heavy Meals

Tarator a Cold Soup to Have Before Heavy Meals to Help Digestion

Tarator is another traditional food in Bratislava that prepare your stomach before a heavy meal. This soup is a combination of yogurt, cucumber, garlic, vegetable oil, water, and walnuts, served cold or ice in the summer season in Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia. Sometimes local residents use vinegar and water instead of yogurt, lettuce, and carrot instead of cucumber, and bread instead of walnuts.


Pljeskavica Known as Slovak Burger

Famous Food in Bratislava - Pljeskavica is Famously Known as Slovak Burger

Pljeskavica, also known as grilled meat, is a dish from southern Slovakia now served in Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Macedonia. Due to the use of red meat in making this dish, it may not be suitable for some people to eat. Still, once you start eating it, you will definitely appreciate the flavors of it. In fact, Pljeskavica is easily the best option for those who like heavy grilled food, and it is also known as Slovak Burger.


Bryndzové Halušky a National Dish of Slovakia

Bryndzové Halušky is one of Many Tasty and Light National Dish of Slovakia

Brynzove Halushki is one of the national dishes of Slovakia and a readily available food in Bratislava, which is also cooked in the Czech Republic and Poland. This healthy dish combines Halusky (boiled pieces of potato dough) and Brindza (soft sheep’s cheese), which is topped with smoked and salted pieces of meat.


Pierogi Delicious Dumplings

Pierogi is A Dumpling Style of food Originally from Russian-Ukrainian Countries

Pierogi is a special and traditional Russian-Ukrainian dish made with fruit, mashed potatoes, cheese, or meat. You can also use an apple in cooking this dish. It is recommended to eat pierogi on hot days. You can be sure that its amazing taste will satisfy your palates.


Pastrmajlija Similar to Turkish Lahmacun

Pastrmajlija is a Dish Very Similar to Turkish Lahmacun - Best Food in Bratislava

Pastrmajlija is a Macedonian bread made with dough and meat. This bread is usually cooked in the shape of an egg and topped with pieces of meat. The name of this bread comes from the word pastirma, which means spiced and dried sheep meat.


Pasztecik Szczeciński a Good Snack

Pasztecik Szczeciński a Good Snack and a Very Special Polish Dish

Pasztecik szczeciński is a special Polish dish famous in this city too. This dish is a dough filled with meat and vegetables, which is fried in a machine and served in different restaurants. However, there is also a type of this food that is prepared at home differently.


Salo consisting of Smoked Fatty Pieces of Meat

Salo consist of Smoked Fatty Pieces of Meat which is Cut and Eat as is

Salo is a very delicious and traditional food in Bratislava as well as other Eastern European countries, which is prepared from skinless and cooked fat pieces of meat. This dish is available with the same name in countries such as Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. Still, you can find it in other countries of the region under a different name. Furthermore, Salo is cooked with red pepper and other spices in Eastern European countries and smoked in Southern Europe.

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