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Best Restaurants in Calgary

Best Restaurants in Calgary

Top Restaurants in Calgary

This article introduces the best restaurants in Calgary for tourists and travelers. Some of these restaurants in Calgary are operated by many immigrants who have resided here for generations. They provide unique flavors and interesting dishes to hungry travelers and locals. Known as Cowtown, this city has rodeo festivals that bring locals from the rest of Canada during the month of July. Also, make sure to try their pizza here, which is made from fresh ingredients and from scratch, all in-house.


Mercato an Italian Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Calgary Operated By Cathy And Victor Caracciolo - Mercato

Mercato is a story of Italian immigrants coming to this city and opening a grocery shop. Cathy and Victor Caracciolo are the pioneers of one of the top Italian restaurants in Calgary, which you can visit on Calgary’s 4th Street. This place was a simple grocery shop; however, after some while, they added a much need addition where people could dine in for some healthy gourmet food. They offer various dishes, from simple sandwiches to nice grilled steaks.


Ruth’s Chris Steak House near Calgary Tower

Best Restaurants in Calgary - Ruth's Chris Steak House Has Some Amazing Steaks

Ruth’s Chris Steak House is truly one of the best places for some amazing steaks with butter on top. This place has an amazing view from the famous Calgary Tower and is the ideal location for a memorable night out in this town. In fact, many people come here for meetings, birthday celebrations, or even anniversary gatherings. Also, they offer customers gluten-free meals and private rooms if you want to have more privacy here. It is good to know that this place is suitable for high-end diners, and the prices are not meant for budget travelers.


River Café Best for Picnics

Best Restaurants in Calgary - River Café is Located in The Prince's Island Park

River Café has one of the best picnic environments among cafes and restaurants in Calgary. This is the place you go to enjoy the Bow River view from Prince’s Island Park. Also, they have amazing wedding services and receptions that are suitable for young couples wanting to have a magnificent wedding set here. It is good to know that the prices here are quite high for meals; however, good for having a drink even if you are traveling on a budget.


Anejo has Amazing Mexican Cuisine

Travel Guide Canada - Anejo Offers Delicious Mexican Cuisine Near Mercato

Anejo is one of the best locations for offering very delicious Mexican cuisine, which is also very close to the Mercato eatery as well. Therefore, you get to taste both Mexican and Italian flavors within a short walk. The interior of this eatery has a vibrant feel to it with the skull art culture of Mexico or famously known as “Calavera,” drawn on multiple walls here. The prices here are not overly cheap or expensive. Therefore, you can enjoy some mid-range price of tacos and margaritas here, especially during happy hours.


Orchard Restaurant for Asian Fusion Food

Orchard Restaurant A Mixture of European Dishes With Some Asian flavors - A Guide to Restaurants in Calgary

Orchard Restaurant is one of the Asian Fusion Restaurants in Calgary, where you can get a mixture of European dishes with some Asian flavors in a beautiful and modern environment. Actually, this eatery is located in the Downtown Commercial area of the city in the SODO residential building, making it a slightly pricy place to eat. However, the food, service, and exquisite bar make this place a must-go for food connoisseurs. They offer both indoor and outdoor dining, where you need to book a table if you plan to dine inside Orchard Restaurant.


Tuk Tuk Thai has Affordable Thai Food

Tuk Tuk Thai Offers Fast And Affordable Thai Food - A Guide to Restaurants in Calgary

Tuk Tuk Thai is one of the best restaurants in Calgary for those budget travelers seeking fast and affordable Thai food. The favorite items on the menu here are the Lotus boxes, which are both filling and very affordable, costing around$13 each. If you want to visit them, they operate from 17th Avenue, Creekside, Crowfoot, Fifth Avenue Place, Inglewood, Kensington, Signal Hill, and South Trail Crossing locations.


Fusion Sushi Japanese Restaurant

A Guide to Restaurants in Calgary - Fusion Sushi Provides Japanese, Thai and Chinese Dishes

Fusion Sushi is one handful of fusion restaurants in Calgary. It has offerings such as sushi, sashimi, teriyaki ribs as well as general Tao’s chicken. The food here is a combination of Japanese, Thai, and Chinese dishes, and they have more than 150 different types of food offerings. The good thing about here is their prices are very reasonable, and if you dine in here, you can enjoy the “All You Can Eat” option as well. You can visit multiple branches of Fusion Sushi at Mcknight Blvd NE, 5 Ave SE, Ranchlands Blvd NW, and 10 St NW near the Bow River.


Gate of India Calgary East Indian Restaurant

A Guide to Restaurants in Calgary - Gate of India Calgary East Indian Restaurant is in Country Hills Blvd NE

One of the best places for Indian cuisine is Gate of India Calgary East Indian Restaurant. Head to Country Hills Blvd NE for some tasty East Indian dishes. This business is a family-run institution operated by Kailash Raturi and Abraham Koshy. Make sure to try their Tandoori chicken, Butter Chicken, Fish Malai Curry, as well as their delicious Paneer delicacies here. After your meal, Lassi drinks are a must which are popular sweet drinks in Indian Peninsula. The prices here are reasonable and, in fact, neighboring cheap in some cases.


Blaze Pizza with Budget Options

Blaze Pizza Provides Fresh And Interestingly Cheap Pizzas - Travel Guide Canada

For those who want to visit stone pizza restaurants in Calgary, Blaze Pizza is a suitable option. The pizzas here are both fresh and interestingly cheap. Blaze Pizza is a good option for budget travelers who come to this city as a group. Some pizza bundles with soft drinks make it an amazing place for eating cheap and delicious food.


The Eden Best for its French Food

Travel Guide Canada - The Eden is Suitable For Having Some Light French Food

Eden is one of the best eateries here for some light French food. This is a family-run business; they have been in business since 2017. You can visit them on 9 Avenue in the center of Inglewood. Moreover, they offer classic comfort dishes in a comforting environment.

Small towns like Trenton are good for tourists who want to travel to other parts of Canada if they want to lay back and enjoy nature. There are still good food and some here, and you can still check out the top restaurants in Trenton. These restaurants offer great and sometimes cheaper dishes in comparison to big cities.

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