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Top Cheap Places to Eat in Manila



Top Cheap Places to Eat in Manila

Best of Cheap Manila Food

The Manila food is some of the best in the country of Philippines. Most of these food are not expensive and you can get top cheap places to eat in Manila by reading this article. In fact, Manila is the capital city of the Philippines that is very famous for its many street food. Also, they have many affordable restaurants if you want to seat down and enjoy your food. Here are a few of these places for your consideration.



Hummus Elijah Mediterranean Restaurant in Poblacion

Top Cheap Places to Eat in Manila - Hummus Elijah Have Big Portions Ang Good For Two

This restaurant is one of top cheap places to eat in Manila. Also, it offers a lot Mediterranean Manila food dishes with authentic flavors. All of the dishes here are tasty, healthy and reasonably priced. In addition, all their portions are big and good for two people. The location of Hummus Elijah is at G/F, 5059 P Burgos in affluent Poblacion area in Makati region. You can visit them any time of the day as they are open all day long.


Two Chickpeas Greek Restaurant

Manila Food Guide - Two Chickpeas Gives You A Taste to Remember

This restaurant is all about pita. The interior is nice and has a simple concept. This place is perfect for taking away food and also gives you a taste to remember.

*Update: This restaurant is no longer open.


Eng Bee Tin Best for Chinse Food

Manila Food Guide - Eng Bee Tin Offers Some of The Best Hopia in Town

This crowded place offers the best hopia in town. If you want to seat down, they even have restaurant in 2nd floor called the Great Buddha. The queue for food here can be very long so make sure you come early.


The Original Pares Mami House Retiro in Paang Bundok neighborhood

Manila Food Guide - Original Pares Mami House Has Best Filipino Comfort Food

This outlet operates 24/7 and offers some of the best Filipino comfort food. In fact, the food here is really good and delicious. The interior is not special, however, because of its good food, there are long lines of people outside. They are, together with the Caloocan branch, are the only places to eat beef pares dish. This dish always is best to be accompanied by garlic rice and cold drinks. Other than this famous food, you can try their equally delicious offerings like Pork Siomai, stuffed shrimp and Campto Soup. You can find Original Pares Mami House at N.S. Amoranto Sr. Street, cor Dr.Alejos, La Loma in Paang Bundok neighborhood.


KSEM Coffee Shop

What To Do in Philippines - KSEM Coffee Shop offers Great Service And Good Coffee

This coffee house offers great Manila food, service, good coffee as well as good food. The prices here are very affordable. It is recommended if you want to grab a cup of coffee and some desert to go with it.

*Update: The KSEM Coffee Shop is no longer operational.


Vincent’s Place Kambingan Restaurant in 637 San Miguel Neighborhood

What To Do in Philippines - Vincent's Place Kambingan Restaurant Serves Kambing (Goat Meat)

This unique restaurant unique serves the famous Manila food which is kambing (Goat meat) in authentic local style in the city. This dish is made with generally tenderized goat meat which is marinated with vinegar and soy sauce. Other than this method of cooking, there are a lot more that this restaurant offers in various cooking styles as well as different kinds of meat.

The dishes are measured by weight and start for 2 person sizes, all the way to 11 people with very cheap prices. It is the place where celebrities go however everyone is treated with respect by the owner Mr. Vincent. The location of Vincent’s Place Kambingan Restaurant is at 1787-A Dr. Jose P. Laurel Sr in 637 San Miguel neighborhood.

If you are traveling to other parts of the country, it is worth checking out the most delicious food in Philippines. These dishes are very unique to this country and are very delicious as well. Some of the food are exotic and not suitable for everyone.

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